Tips To Make Home Painting A Breeze

There’s an array of ways to complete your home painting, but you don’t need to be overwhelmed! Quick and easy tips can shrink your project time and leave your North Jacksonville home with a professional finish. Check out a few of these tips below.

Prep Time

Fernandina Beach House
Check out how great the exterior of this local home looked after we finished painting.

Experts declare ⅔ of your project time should be spent in preparation. Masking and taping can be time consuming but it mitigates the amount of corrections needed to the surface in the long run. Prep time should be a major priority for any project!


The obvious choice to get your home painting started is the tried and true power washer. However, if you don’t have a power washer, high-pressure nozzles can provide a positive result as well. In a bind, certain professionals have advised to use an old t-shirt to rub down the walls which is still effective in grabbing dust and dirt from the surface.

Problem Areas

Under the assumption that repairs have been completed, there are still some troublesome spots you need to keep an eye on. Primer isn’t needed on already painted surfaces but is an essential piece of the puzzle elsewhere. Newly repaired or filled sections require a primer coat to help hide the restorations underneath.

Roll Paint

Using a roller may be the fastest way to cover large sections of your home. Rolling paint may also let you get away with only one coat! This method of painting will also help cover those pesky problem areas with ease.

Spray Paint

Spraying paint is another way to coat your home quickly. However, overspray can be a real issue so the prep work needs to be thorough and careful to cover important items like cars and plants.

If you’ve decided painting is too big a task, our painting crews are ready to help. Fill out our online form to request a free estimate on your next residential painting service.