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Brick Painting Services in Jacksonville

In many of our local communities, brick homes are quite popular. If you are not a fan of the traditional orange and brown tone brick on the exterior of your home, you can always have it professionally painted by our experienced painting contractors. There are many reasons to consider having your exterior and interior brick painted. The most common often being that it will instantly add a modern element of design to your home.

Below are a few popular paint colors for brick homes:

  • White or Cream
  • Gray
  • Navy
  • Greens & Blues

If you would like to have the exterior of your brick home painted, schedule a free color consultation with us to get started.

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Painting vs. Lime Washing vs. Mineral Paint

Are you looking to update the exterior of your brick home? There are many different options when it comes to customizing the look of your home, so let’s break down CertaPro’s available options.


Looking for a solid color and a more uniform look? We recommend basic painting. After pressure washing and prep work, the brick will receive a masonry primer followed by acrylic paint. We recommend either a flat or satin sheen finish, depending on your brick face and personal preference.

Lime Washing

Looking for that “old world style” look? Limewash offers different white color options, as well as a stock gray color that can be tinted to lighter colors, that can be customized to your desired opaqueness. Limewash is a specialized product consisting of a mixture of salt, hydrated lime, and mineral base pigments.

Limewash is meant to weather and patina over time. It can be tested to accomplish your desired opaqueness, as customization is dependent upon the dilution of the solution.  Both lime wash and mineral paint allow for a higher level of moisture to be released by the brick while protecting against moisture saturating the brick.

PLEASE NOTE – “whitewashing” is technically a watered-down paint product instead of the lime product.  The look is similar, but we recommend lime washing as it can last much longer than white washing or painting. These terms can be used interchangeably, but white washing is a better choice for smaller interior projects like fireplace brick or a brick wall accent.

Custom Lime Washing

This can be accomplished by how the lime wash is applied (wet vs. dry) and some areas can be sanded right after application to give a custom look.

Mineral Paints

Mineral Paints, such as KEIM, are a more expensive product. However, mineral paints provide a 20-year warranty and offer a variety of colors.  Mineral paints are custom ordered and absorbed into the brick.  This paint product can only be applied to raw, unpainted masonry.

What You Should Know Before Deciding to Have Your Brick Painted

The most important part of the information to note is that once you have your brick painted, there is no easy way to restore the original color of your brick. While painted brick can be repainted in a new color, it can not return to its natural color after this type of service. This is why we recommend that you are sure of your brick painting decision prior to scheduling this type of service.

General Maintenance:

Paint – Your home should be washed at least once a year and painted every 7-10 years depending upon color fade and other external circumstances.

Lime Wash – As lime wash will fade with time, we recommend soft washing your home at least once a year. It would be at your discretion when to repaint, but plan for every 6 to 8 years.

Mineral Paint – It is recommended to wash at least once a year, with a 20-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

The team at CertaPro Painters is happy to walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have!

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Local Brick Homes Our Team Has Painted

A few completed brick painting projects by CertaPro Painters® of Jacksonville, FL. Click the picture to zoom in.

Limewash Result

Limewash Result

Custom Limewash project in Jacksonville, FL.

This resident wanted to repaint their painted brick building from gray to white.

Brick fireplace Repainted

Brick fireplace Repainted

We can also paint interior brick fireplaces and attached chimneys.