Wood Rot Repair in NE Wisconsin

Wood rot, can be found on homes with wood siding, trim, and soffits. Problems with water, often stemming from issues with gutters will cause wood rot on a home’s exterior over time. If you notice these types of problems on your home, our team can help with repairing the wood and painting the surface. Any water drainage problems that cause the wood rot should also be resolved.

Water can come from rain or snow, old failing paint, and old caulking breaking loose, we can help you asses the cause of the damage if you are unsure.  Wood rot problems should be addressed immediately, to prevent the issue from spreading or causing much greater damage to the home.
Left untreated, rotting wood could impact the structure or foundation of your home.


How do I find rotten wood?

Start with an inspection of your home, use a screwdriver to press on suspected rotting areas, if the wood gives in or is soft – there is likely a wood rot problem. Check areas low to the ground, or along the roof line closely, as these are the areas most likely to be exposed to water on a regular basis. Look closely at seams where to surfaces meet, or where caulking should be in place, if it is deteriorating it should be fixed . Wood should never be soft enough to press in with a screwdriver, if you encounter any areas like this you will need to repair.. Cracks that are folding inward are a sign of wood rot.



What are the most common repairs for wood rot?

Trim boards: Chipping paint and loose caulking are the most common place to find rot.  With cedar you will see splitting and deterioration, with LP trim you’ll see the board getting thicker from the moisture intake. Homeowners who do not repaint their exterior regularly are likely to discover these trim rot issues.

Window and door frames: The exterior of your home, can often have damage. Rainwater collects in the joints and at the base and can wear away at the paint or seal allowing the wood to be penetrated with moisture.

Porch columns: If you notice degradation along the base of a post on your porch like the ones pictured above, repair or replacement should be a priority. These are typically replaced with rough sawn cedar to match texture.

Decks: Depending on the treatment used on your, several year’s worth of snow and rain can wash away any protective coating you may have had. Spring is a good time to get outside and check the deck, beams, stairs and other areas.



What to do if you find wood rot?

If you encounter rotted wood on your home, contact us today for a free repair estimateGet an estimate now!