Things to Consider When Hiring an Interior Painter

Fall and winter season are here. In our service area of the greater Green Bay area weather has already started to turn cold, our project load shifts to more interior painting projects this time of year. We can still often do exterior jobs, if you are interested contact us and we can answer any questions you might have.

When you are looking to hire a painter for an interior painting project, there are things to consider.  We put together a list of items we regularly get asked about to help you with your search for a local painting crew.

Lead Paint 

Many homes built before 1978 contain lead paint, its best to hire a professional crew who is trained and certified in working around lead paint for these projects. Most painters are familiar with best practices and how to work with lead paint. The Wisconsin area has many homes built before 1978 and testing can be done to verify.

Prep Work

Preparation work is a big part of painting projects. Often a good chunk of the time and labor is dedicated to taping, sanding, or preparing surfaces to be painted. Ideally surfaces with damage to them should be repaired prior to painting, if there are cracks in drywall or dings in the walls, this is the time to fix them. Any dust or grime needs to be removed for the paint to adhere properly.  Ask your interior painter what prep work they think will need to be done for the best possible results.

Professional Estimates & Proposals

Professional painters are well versed in estimates and contracts. You should be expecting a detailed and comprehensive proposal. Numbers jotted down on the back of a business card are a bad sign that the painter is not taking the estimate with consideration. The estimate should make sense and include information about timing and scope of the project.


Sometimes, there will be additional costs to your estimate. This could include color changes, additional repairs or moving heavy furniture. If you’re not doing it, ask if it’s included or additional. This will allow you to be fully prepared for the finished price.

Colors can change the price

Dramatic color changes often require more coats of paint, or additional steps like adding a light colored primer layer. Keep in mind that if you want a drastic color change it could increase the price of your painting estimate. You can ask your estimator for recommendations on color that will not require the extra steps. If you change your mind about color it could also change the price of the estimate.


Some finishes are more forgiving when it comes to hiding imperfections. Your estimator will be able to give you recommendations based on the color and room use. Generally, flat paint is the most forgiving finish but it does not make for easy cleaning. Eggshell will have a light sheen in it, allowing it to hold up to scrubbing but showing off any issues with the wall.


Our team is here to provide interior painter crews for your projects. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate appointment with our specialists to get started.