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Carpentry Services in San Antonio

CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio provides professional carpentry repair services to homeowners in the San Antonio area. Our skilled team is experienced in common issues with houses in the region and can bring aging components of your home’s woodwork back to life.

Neglecting the woodwork and trim around your home can lead to expensive long-term damage including water damage, termites, and structural problems with the home. It’s best to fix these kinds of issues as soon as you notice a problem. If you are are in need of professional carpentry services, we can help.

Exterior Carpentry Repair

Weather elements wreak havoc on exterior structures. The rain erodes, sun bleaches, and the wind pulls stuff down. The other factor that can severely affect structures is age. As exteriors become older, they show more wear and tear. To bring them back to life, you may need repairs and fresh coats of paint and stain.

CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio can help you repair exteriors to make them look brand new again.

  • Exterior Trim Repair
  • Replacing Rotted Wood
  • Siding Board Replacement
  • Fascia Board Repair
  • Failing Gutter Damage
  • Fixing a Portico or Pergola

Interior Carpentry Repair

There’s no way to avoid it. Age affects interior structures, just like they do to exterior ones. Wood can start to become weak and unstable. It can also become dull. Accidents happen as well and the damage from those accidents can be repaired by CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio. The repairs we’re known for include:

  • Banisters and Stair Spindles
  • Doors
  • Baseboards
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Library Bookshelves
  • Wood Rot Replacement

Contact Us for Carpentry Repair

There’s no need to call a contractor to repair your home – inside and out. We can do it for you, plus take care of your painting needs. Although, we can just perform carpentry services if that’s all you need.

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Images of Carpentry Projects

These images show some of the wood damage that we’re happy to repair for you. We start every project with an estimate. From there, we schedule our experienced carpenters and painters to get started on a day and time that’s convenient for you. We’ll show up, do the job, and you’ll love it. Especially with our personal walk-through once the work has been completed.

These are some images of the damage we can repair.

This is the third job CertaPro has done for us. Once again, they exceeded our expectations. The levels of professionalism, courtesy, and expertise were of the highest level. Once again, the amount quoted prior to the beginning of the job was the amount we paid. There were no hidden charges. That is always important to us.

- Linda B

Linda B

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How We Provide Light Carpentry

If you’re wondering how CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio is able to provide light carpentry, the answer is simple. Our teams often have a painting crew that also does carpentry, and some teams have a dedicated in-house carpenter. If neither of these options is available in your area, CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio will refer you to a trusted and highly-qualified carpentry service we trust. For this type of home repair service, we remove hardware and doors as needed and rehang the doors once the repair is completed, often with a better fit than how we found them. We also add paint finishes wherever they may be needed so that your home or business looks as good as new.

CertaPro provides fantastic customer service from start to finish. They walk you through the entire process and promptly answer any questions you may have. Their staff is very knowledgeable and experienced, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the service we received!

- Kathryn P.

Kathryn P.

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Contact Us for Carpentry Services

If you’re noticing wood rot or need some other carpentry work completed, contact us below or call us at 210-490-0460. We would be happy to help you solve any of your carpentry troubles with our skilled and experienced team of carpenters.