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Concrete Staining and Epoxy Floor Covering

The process of concrete staining adds a permanent color to the surface, which bonds tightly so you won’t have to worry about peeling or chipping. The end result is a beautiful translucent hue that enriches the look and feel of any space, indoor or out.

Many property or homeowners choose to epoxy their floors for a variety of reasons. When the epoxy is applied to a concrete floor, it provides a clear, durable, stain-resistant finish that protects the surface. It also repels water and reduces slipperiness, perfect for high-traffic areas.

Both residential and commercial properties can benefit from the beauty of concrete staining and the protection of epoxy. Concrete staining is especially popular in these areas:

  • Sidewalks
  • Walkway
  • Driveway
  • Home gyms
  • Garage floor
  • Patio
  • Pool deck
  • Courtyard
  • Showroom floor

In just a matter of hours, CertaPro Painters® of Nashville North & Bowling Green can transform the look of your concrete surfaces We have a reputation for being professional, punctual, knowledgeable and responsive.

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Applications for Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floors work well for a wide variety of applications. Below are a few common examples completed by independently owned CertaPro Painters® franchise locations.

Home Gym

Garage Epoxy Floors

Porch Floor Coatings

Color Chips for Epoxy Floor Coatings

Pictured below are a few examples of premium chip coatings that can be used to finish epoxy floors. We encourage you to ask about the variety of options that we offer to meet your specific needs.




Gunflint Trail

Saddle Tan


Our team is happy to come to your home or business to evaluate the space, provide you with ideas and options, and give you a free estimate for residential or commercial concrete floor finishes, acid stain concrete costs, or epoxy finish services.

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Common Questions About Epoxy Flooring Projects

How much does epoxy flooring cost?

Pricing will vary depending on the size of the area, the type of epoxy used, and the labor rates in your area. Set up a free estimate appointment with your local independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchise to get accurate pricing information for your unique project.

Are epoxy floors slippery?

Non-slip coatings are optional. An epoxy floor without chips can be slippery when wet, so most applications include anti-slip steps like chips or texturing of the epoxy for safety.

How long does it take to install epoxy flooring for homes?

The duration of the project will depend on the size of the area and the product used. Some floor coating products can be installed in one day. Most standard residential projects can be completed within 1-2 days.

How long does it take for epoxy floors to dry?

The cure time will vary depending on the epoxy product used. Some products require as little as 24 hours cure time. If you are getting epoxy installed in your garage, we recommend waiting at least 48 hours before driving on the surface.