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Painting for Homeowners Associations (HOAs)

New England Home Owner Associations often face budget constraints for regular maintenance or improvements on multi-family residences, duplexes as well as stand-alone condominiums. Hiring the right company for the job is the most important step and often, HOA board members don’t know where to begin. CertaPro Painters® of Nashua, NH and Westford, MA is here to help!

Whether it’s an interior or exterior project at hand, CertaPro Painters® can help you outline the paint specs for your project:

  • Types of paints and stains suggested
  • Number of paint or stain coats required
  • Types of equipment (lifts, scaffolding, etc) needed
  • The carpentry and repair required on trim, shingles, etc.

Once you have the above specifications, you have a metric by which your board can compare and contrast the best fit for your HOA. We would be happy to help with the process of selection.

HOA Professional Painters

We provide services to fit the unique needs of Homeowner Associations, including:

  • Painting and carpentry to common buildings such as pool houses, event centers or community centers
  • Building multi-year painting plans that include, for example, painting of all foyers over a multi-year period
  • Painting mailbox posts, streetlights, with exterior coatings best for metal structures
  • Communicate with all residents (by email and hanging door hangers) when the project will be affecting the area in which they live or use
  • Power washing of exterior buildings
  • Interior painting of community areas, hallways, and stairwells
  • Exterior painting and carpentry repair for resident buildings
New Englad HOA Painting Services

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If you have questions about getting your Homeowner’s Association project started, please reach out today! We look forward to assisting you! Contact Gordon at [email protected] or give us a call at 603-943-8101.

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