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Deck Staining & Deck Painting Services in Naperville

Decks, fences, patios, doors, and archways are integral parts of many homes in the Naperville, IL area. Our team specializes in maintaining these structures with top-notch painting and staining services tailored for Naperville residences. Weather elements and sunlight in Illinois can take a toll on outdoor wood finishes, necessitating preparation and reapplication of paint or stain approximately every 5-15 years. Timely re-sealing and staining are crucial in preventing expensive damage to decks and fences. Delaying maintenance of stained exterior structures might lead to wood rot, eventually causing structural issues that require complete wood replacement.

CertaPro Painters® of Naperville, IL, boasts residential painting crews with extensive experience in sealing and staining decks to withstand the diverse weather conditions of Illinois. Depending on the specifics of your project, our professional approach to surface preparation and deck staining might include:

Power washing deck before staining

Wash & Clean

To ensure the best results for your deck and/or fence, it's essential to clean them properly before applying a new stain. Pressure washing is an effective way to get rid of mold, mildew, algae, and other elements, as well as to remove any loose or peeling coatings. Choosing the right cleaning solution is vital, taking into account the specific conditions of the deck or fence in Naperville. Additionally, achieving the desired finish might require a full strip, which can be done either chemically or through sanding, and possibly a brightening process to enhance the wood's natural beauty.

deck painting scrape lose paint

Scraping & Preparations

Proper cleaning and preparation are crucial for achieving the best results with your deck or fence staining. After pressure washing, any loose coatings must be meticulously scraped or wire brushed off. Sanding might also be necessary, depending on the desired finish. It's important to resecure any loose nails, screws, and boards to ensure structural integrity. In Naperville, where weather conditions can vary, caulking is usually not required for these structures, as the stain needs to breathe and release moisture effectively.

Deck sanding service

Sanding & Priming

Having a nice deck or fence in Naperville, IL, is akin to maintaining a beautiful yard, as both require regular upkeep due to the local weather conditions. It's advisable to perform a simple wash using a basic deck or fence cleaner at least once a year. The type of stain used often dictates the maintenance frequency for horizontal surfaces (like flooring and tops of railings), which may need touch-ups or fresh coats every 1-4 years. Vertical surfaces generally last longer since they aren't walked on, and moisture doesn't remain on them as long. In Naperville, touch-ups and fresh coats for these vertical surfaces are typically done every other round of horizontal surface reworks.

Exterior deck staining service

Apply Deck Stain

Using a quality stain is the best practice for deck flooring, as paint should never be applied to these surfaces. In Naperville, IL, where weather conditions can vary greatly, choosing the right type of stain is crucial. If paint is utilized on vertical surfaces, it's important to prime any bare wood before paint application. Stains are available in different finishes, including transparent/translucent, semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid, each detailed in the "Stain Finishes" section. Unlike paint, stains do not require a prime coat and should be applied using a brush and roller for optimal results. In cases where a sprayer is used, it's essential to perform a back-brush or back-roll to ensure an even finish and to properly work the product into the wood.

Stain Finishes

Transparent or Translucent

When thinking about stained floors or furniture, especially in residential settings like those in Naperville, IL, most people envision finishes that can be clear or tinted while preserving the natural wood grain appearance. These finishes are typically oil-based, designed to penetrate deeply into wood surfaces, and are often applied in a single coat. It's essential for the wood to be bare before applying these products in most cases. These stains are ideal for new decks or fences, offering a way to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. However, the color choices for these stains are somewhat limited, and changing colors down the line usually necessitates removing the previous coating.

Typical maintenance cycle (horizontal surfaces) = 1-3 years.

Semi-Transparent and Semi-Solid

These semi-transparent products offer a balance between visibility and coverage, allowing some wood grain to show through. Typically water-based, they often don't require the removal of previous coatings for application. Depending on the desired outcome and the specific product chosen, either a one or two coat application may be necessary. A wide range of color options is available with these stains, and custom colors can also be created. When changing colors, choices are generally limited to shades similar to or darker than the existing coating. In some scenarios, particularly relevant in the varied climate of Naperville, IL, a “wet-on-wet” 2 coat application is advisable. This method involves applying the second coat before the first has fully dried.

Typical maintenance cycle (horizontal surfaces) = 2-4 years


Solid stains, resembling paint in appearance without showing wood grain, offer enhanced durability for walking surfaces, surpassing that of paint. This is particularly beneficial for the varied climates in Naperville, IL. Typically water-based, solid stains can be applied over existing coatings, providing flexibility in maintenance. These stains are available in any color, allowing for easy customization to suit individual preferences. When opting for color changes with solid stains, it's common to need at least two finish coats, depending on the chosen colors. Although wear and tear may be more noticeable with solid stains, performing touch-ups is relatively straightforward, ensuring your decks and patios remain in top condition.

Typical maintenance cycle (horizontal surfaces) = 3-5 years

Tips For Decks in Naperville, IL

Maintaining a deck in Naperville, IL, is akin to caring for a beautiful lawn; it requires consistent upkeep and attention. To keep your deck in prime condition, consider these tailored tips:

1. The key to a lasting finish on your deck is thorough PREPARATION and the use of high-quality stain products. With numerous resources and experts available, you can find guidance on the best methods and products suited to the Naperville climate and your specific deck.

2. It’s crucial to wash your deck as winter approaches and again as it recedes. Ensure that any bare spots caused by weather or wear are promptly sealed. This not only extends the stain’s life but also protects the wood.

3. Pay special attention to horizontal surfaces like flooring and railing tops, as these areas retain moisture longer. In Naperville’s climate, these areas are most prone to damage. It’s advisable to clean and restain these surfaces approximately every other year. Vertical surfaces, which are less exposed, can be restained less frequently – consider doing these every alternate time you treat the horizontal surfaces.

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Deck and Fence Staining in Naperville, IL

Naperville homes have a wide variety of styles for decks and fences. Below you can see samples of deck & fence projects we completed in the area. If you have questions or would like a free estimate, contact us.

Flat Decks

Flat Decks

Flat decks on the ground floor are easier to paint/stain

Low Standard Deck

Low Standard Deck

Stairs and Spindles increase the cost.

Deck Renovations

Deck Renovations

No matter the shape or size of your deck, give CertaPro a call for a free estimate.

What You Need to Know About Staining a New Deck

Staining a new deck in Naperville, IL, involves considerations unique from those of an older deck. It’s crucial to let a new deck dry for at least 30 days before applying any stain, but the specific climate of Naperville also influences the timing of the staining process. To navigate these local factors effectively, we recommend consulting with our staining experts at CertaPro Painters® of Naperville for your next staining project.

What to Know About Staining an Older Deck

In the Naperville climate, a deck that has been previously stained will typically require a fresh coat every 2-3 years. Look out for these indicators that your deck might need a new stain application:

  • Color Fading
  • Mold or Mildew Buildup
  • Moisture Damage

When it’s time to restain, treating just a portion of the deck isn’t sufficient. The entire surface should be stained simultaneously to ensure uniform color. In Naperville’s varied weather conditions, an oil-based stain is often the best choice to protect your deck from excess moisture.


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