Spring To Do List – Paint First

You have just opened your doors to head outside and you see the mess that winter has caused on your property. While it can be tempting to start with mulching and planting, you could be setting your projects up for failure. Here’s why you should paint first on your spring to do list.

Begin with Painting

Because painting can cause a mess in and around it, you’ll want to start with it. Take care of any repairs and repainting. Once you see the beginning of paint failure like cracking, chipping or peeling, it will never get any better. Water intrusion can turn into rot, mold and other expensive damage in your walls. To keep it out, make repairs and paint.

Paint, then Garden

A garden is a very attractive addition to a property. If you plant before you paint, it could be a disaster waiting to happen. Bringing in crews means people trembling in your beds. Over spraying is a real issue and can permanently damage or color plants. Moreover, oftentimes it can’t be avoided. To properly paint, the crew will dig up the edges of your foundation from under mulch or plants. Branches and bushes will also be trimmed down to allow space for painters. All of this can ruin a perfectly placed bed.

Weather Considerations

Summer can bring with it heavy rainstorms, high humidity and hot temperatures. Any one of these is enough to ruin a paint job. In spring, the weather is much more moderate. Since summer is traditionally when homeowners set out for house painting, spring will also mean scheduling your job is easier. The crews have more time and don’t need as many breaks to avoid heat related illnesses. More hours of work per day and less weather interruptions mean a crew can breeze through your painting project.

To achieve the perfect paint job, you need a season that doesn’t have excesses. This means moderate sun, wind, rain and humidity. Spring offers all of these benefits. Crews have availability to start and complete jobs quickly and efficiently.

Maximize Curb Appeal

Quite often, homeowners list their homes for sale over the summer. Realtors quite often suggest an exterior paint job before listing it. This kind of improvement can bring big results when it comes to offers and sales. A house with dingy paint that’s peeling and chipped feels uncared for and unattractive. A high quality paint job will bring not only higher offers, but more curb appeal. It also will look cared for which translates to more money in an offer. Always consult the realtor to find out if the expected offer could outweigh the cost to paint.

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