Why You Should Hire a Painting Company

When many people think about painting a room, they either decide to do it themselves or hire a painter. Hiring a painter means either finding someone who simply will act as you, as if you would be doing it yourself, or hiring a painting company.

The best decision you could ever make is to hire a painting company.

Why Hire a Painting Company

Let’s cover the three scenarios of painting.

Painting Yourself

Commercial Painting ServicesYou head out to Lowe’s, Home Depot, or where else you can purchase paint and painting supplies. After the cashier rings you up, you blink a few times at the cost because it’s not as cheap as you thought it would be. You may have spent a couple of hundred dollars or more on everything you need.

You get home, and it’s time to paint. You tape off, which feels like it takes a century, and then lay down the drop cloth to protect your belongings. The other side of the situation is you don’t do either of those, and well, we’ll get to what happens next.

You start painting, and feel like you’ve just saved yourself a ton of money. Painting is easy – you tell yourself.

Something happens though… You step back and it doesn’t look right. It’s not even and the color isn’t right. If you didn’t tape off, your edging skills or lack of skills has caused you to paint the baseboards, ceiling, windows, etc. That’s a problem.

You decide to keep going and deal with the cleanup afterwards.

You’re about three hours into painting, and it’s just not fun anymore. It doesn’t look good and you’re tired.

All you can think now is – “I should have called a painter.”

This may seem like the best choice, but you know what? Unless that painter is from a painting company, it’s usually not. We can explain.

Hiring a Painter

You hire a painter. He tells you that he can paint your wall or exterior for much less than the other guys and he can do it quickly for you. This makes you happy because not only do you not have to deal with painting, but you don’t have to worry about the cost either. Seems perfect…

The painter comes to your home with all of the paint and painting supplies. He starts painting and you sit back with a cup of coffee and a good book.

It’s about two hours later and he says he’s done. He would like payment, so he can be on his way.

You are appreciative you didn’t have to do it, so you pay him at his request.

After he leaves, you head over to the room or exterior to inspect it. Uh oh…

You likely could have done a better job yourself (or the same job depending on your skills). Not only that, the inexperienced and uncaring painter ended up getting paint on your furniture or on the deck. Unfortunately, you’ll have to clean up the mess and get the walls/exterior repainted because you simply can’t stand to look at it any longer.

This time you call a painting company.

Using a Painting Company

Commercial Painting ServicesWhen you hire a painting company like CertaPro Painters® of Naperville, you end up with painters who truly care of your possessions and the results of their work. Our painting team have been selected based on their:

    • Skills
    • Experience
    • Knowledge

We treat our painters very well, so they want to continue working with us for as long as possible. This is why they try their very best to make you 100% satisfied with the results.

After we paint your room(s) or exterior, we will ask you to do a walk through. This will give you the opportunity to let us know if it meets your expectations. If it doesn’t, that’s no problem, our painters will make it right for you.

Don’t waste your time, effort and money painting yourself or hiring an inexperienced painter. Hire a painting company in Naperville, such as CertaPro Painter® for house painting services.

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