Paint to Sell: This Door Color Could Net $6,000 More in Your Home Sale

When you meet your realtor to put your home on the market, you’re sure to hear about the suggested upgrades you should make to get the biggest offers. Making your home marketable can be a costly encounter. Some suggestions will bring in big offers and make you more competitive. Others might not. Wifi appliances, internet security cameras and usb plus are all requested by potential buyers. But did you know this door could get you $6,000 more on your asking price?

Curb appeal is a real thing and important when you’re selling your house. The outside is the first part of your house that the buyer sees; the first impression. Painting the exterior of your home is a good idea, but costly. What if our pros said you could get a chunk of change by changing the color of your front door?

What’s the color? Black!


In studies, Zillow has found that homes with front doors in dark gray or black sold for $6,271 more dollars. The report looked at photos and sale prices of more than 135,000 country-wide listings.


Painting a front door is a fairly small change that nets large amounts. reported offers on homes with dark doors came quickly. This is particularly true if the front door was painted Tricorn Black or Peppercorn. 


Adding color to the front door can get you extra cash at the closing table, but it can also give your home a stand out feature in a sea of neutral ranch homes. If you’re looking for stylish options to paint, there are more options to make your home ready to sell with paint. Be sure not to use too many colors in your house and overwhelm the eyes. Taking a couple of these into consideration for your sale could bring some big money back to you. Red kitchen offers were down over $2,000. Do aim for tried and true colors like taupe living rooms which bolstered offers by almost $3,000. Blue bathrooms are worth about the same. 


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