Paint Colors for Small or Low-Light Bathrooms

Picking a paint shade for your bathroom can be tricky, especially if your bathroom is small. There are some paint colors you are going to want to avoid in order to prevent the bathroom from looking even smaller. But here are the ones we think work great in small bathroom spaces!


A bright shade of teal will bring the room to life. Add a nice light fixture and artwork above the toilet and this may just be your new favorite room in the house.


Incorporate a pretty metallic color into your home by adding it to your small bathroom. It will make the space feel elegant and pairs wells with neutrals and brown shades.


If you are feeling bold, go with black. Black is becoming increasingly trendier, so this is the perfect way to add it into your home. Black combined with silver accents brings a sophisticated look to any bathroom. Pair it with white and silver accents to brighten the space up.

Light Blue

Similar to purple, it is a very relaxing shade. We like this look best if you go bold with black accents.


This works particularly well if this bathroom is the kid’s bathroom. You can make it fun by adding their artwork anywhere there is wall space.


If you like the idea of black but can’t fully commit, try a deep plum shade. It gives a similar effect as black walls but not as dramatic. It looks great paired with neutrals.

Charcoal Blue

Similar to plum, it is a good alternative to black. It is dramatic and looks best paired with gray or light blue décor.


If you like the lighter shades this one is for you. Chose a lilac shade that has gray undertones. It isn’t dark but it will still give off the moody vibes we are going for.

Forest Green

If you want to add some color to the space, try a rich green shade. It will add that touch of nature.

Camel Brown

This deep warm hue is perfect. It looks great paired with other warm neutral tones.