Commercial Painting: What to Know and Where to Go

When you talk about painting, people usually think about residential jobs. But, commercial buildings also need a quality coat of paint. This is an important ingredient to portraying a professional image that is easy to overlook. Having a clean looking building can be the difference between a prospect giving their business to you or moving on to someone else. This is why it’s important to consider commercial painting services for your business.

commercial paintersCommercial Painting: Professional, Amateur, or DIY

The consideration of whether or not you use professional painters for this job shouldn’t be much of a consideration at all. The appearance of a commercial space influences how consumers feel about the business well before the first formal interaction. It is the introduction before the introduction that can leave an irrevocable impression on a person for better or worse.

This is not a job to leave to somebody because they are a friend of a friend. Hire a professional to be sure the job is getting done to the highest possible quality.

How to Hire the Right Team of Commercial Painters

Get a quote: Any professional painters should be willing to give you a free estimate before you hire them. Don’t worry if it falls outside of your budget, there are other companies to talk to.

Ask for proof: If you are really working with professionals, they should be prepared to let you know about previous jobs they’ve done. You are within your right to ask where to see their work. You need to know what you’re getting.

Find reviews: Just like you want to know the quality of their work, you also want to know they are easy to work with. Check online reviews for red flags. Did they raise the original estimate multiple times? Were their workers disrespectful while on site? Did the job get done on time? You don’t want to hire a company that’s going to be a hassle.

Don’t be quick to judge: Every company is going to get a few poor reviews. Don’t judge from the one. Some people have unfair expectations. With that said, 100 negative reviews is something to pay attention to.

Why what we don’t talk about matters.

You’ll never hear a client say, “I was drawn in by the paint job,” just like you won’t hear someone say, “I would have given you my business, but you need a new coat of paint.” There are parts of a business we don’t talk about because they operate in the background. You’ll never know if your second-rate appearance is what is keeping you from getting new clients. You only know it won’t help.