5 Exterior Paint Projects to Tackle This Summer

With sunny long day setting in, it’s the perfect season to take on some home improvement projects and boost your curb appeal. Here are 5 exterior paint projects to tackle this summer.

Give your home a summer makeover with a few projects that can up not only the look of your home, but also the value. Create an eye-catching oasis for your family over a couple of weekends. You’ll be back to grilling in your beautifully updated home in no time.


If you’re on a time or money budget, accents are a great way to improve the look of your home for a minimal cost and time investment. Adding a new coat of paint to the shutters or frames is a manageable project that can put your home on trend. Work within the color your home is already painted and match it with a neutral white, beige, brown or black for the accents. It will give an updated vibe for just a day’s worth of work.

Entry Door

Entry doors are getting a lot of attention right now when it comes to home improvement trends. A pop of vivid color as a statement on your front door puts you on point with style and curb appeal. Painting your front door will only take you an afternoon and brighten the entire look of your home. To boost the value of your home, go with sunshine yellow, navy blue, or bright red. Pros say to use a clean white color as the trim around the door to make it really stand out.


You’ll spend a large amount of time on your deck hosting barbeques and meals with crisp beverages. Host your friends and family on a deck you’re proud of with a restoration. With the right attention, your deck can become an extension of your home. Whether you want to paint or stain, either will up your real estate and create a serene place to host. Grab a trendy grey paint or stain your wood a red brown for a summertime hotspot.

Shed or Garage

Like most of us, your garage or shed is probably a haphazard pile of old Christmas decorations and tools. Take the time to clean it out, and up its appeal with a paint job. Create a retreat, even if it’s just for the lawnmower, that matches the style and feel of your home. Choose a neutral shade that matches your landscaping. Or to make a uniform feeling, use the color scheme from your home and carry it on to your shed or garage.

Entire House

For the very committed painter, transform your entire exterior of your home with a completely new look. A fresh coat of paint all over will allow you to change the look and feel of your humble abode. Change the color, or refresh the existing palette and the outcome will be noticeable. Exterior paint jobs can be draining on time and energy, so if your bank account is up to it, this might be a good time to get a free in home estimate to bring in some experts.