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Here you will find Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers

What types of preparation need to be done to my house?

Standard exterior preparation is to power wash the house and allow it time to dry. Once dry you scrape the house to remove all loose and peeling paint. Once peeling paint is removed you scuff sand where bare and spot prime the Bare Wood areas. Once that is complete you’ll want to caulk and gaps between windows and doors to seal out moisture and drafts. Following that your ready to paint!

What is the purpose of primer and when it is needed?

Primer serves multiple purposes. For interior projects it is used to seal stains, help provide a proper base coat for certain colors and provides proper adhesion for bare substrates such as newly installed sheetrock. . .For exterior surfaces it is used on bare substrates such as bare wood or concrete to provide a base coat for the paint to adhere too. It can also be used to seal stains such as Tannin bleeds and provide a base coat required for certain colors. . . In most instances a full primer coat isn’t necessary, a simple spot prime to problem areas is sufficient.

How is interior access to my home handled?

First and foremost, make sure you hire licensed and insured professionals. Once that is done access can be handled in multiple ways such as; Provide a Key, Leave a Lockbox and Supply the Code, Be there to Let the Painters in and out.

Will CertaPro Painters leave me with touchup paint?

Absolutely, simply notify the sales professional you’d like touch up paint so we can be sure to order enough to have leftovers.

Is there lead paint on my house, and if so, how is it handled?

As a home owner you can buy Lead Test kits at most hardware stores to test the house. However, EPA law says that contractors must treat all houses built before 1978 as lead meaning we need to follow all lead safety laws for any home built before 1978 regardless of the tests results. . .in short lead is handled by controlling lead dust from getting into the air or ground. This is done by not power washing, not sanding without HEPA sanders and making sure the house is surrounded with plastic to stop paint chips from getting into the ground.

What does VOC mean?

VOC’s are volatile organic chemicals that evaporate in the air.

A contractor comes to paint my house and his employee falls off a ladder and gets hurt. Who pays for his injuries?

If the contractor is licensed and insured the insurances will pay. .if the contractor isn’t licensed or insured the home owner can be liable

How do I know for sure if a contractor carries worker’s compensation insurance?

You can ask him to provide documentation. Check dates and coverage details to ensure its not expired. If he cant supply one that is a red flag.

Do CertaPro Painters carry worker’s compensation and general liability insurance policies?

Yes, all of our workers are licensed and insured and our company carries an additional 2 million dollar umbrella policy to additionally cover everyone on the job site.

How do I address any concerns I may have throughout the project?

CertaPro Painters puts customer service at the forefront of what we do. If you have an issue on the job site you can first address it with the job site supervisor on site. If you still have concerns we have a salaried production manager you can call who will meet with you and address your concerns.

How is payment handled?

CertaPro accepts all major credit cards, cash or check. Most commonly the customer will give the job site supervisor a check on the last day of the job. We do also offer financing if preferred.

Does the crew expect a tip at the end of the job?

Tips are not expected or required. However, if you’d like to tip you certainly can.

What if dry rot or other carpentry issues are discovered during the painting process?

If we notice any carpentry issues we will notify the customer and supply a price to fix the issues. If agreeable the job site supervisor will have the customer sign a change order form and will proceed with the additional work.

How is the crew going to reach the difficult areas of my project?

CertaPro professionals will evaluate the house and determine what equipment is needed to access hard to reach areas. Most commonly ladders, ladder Jack’s or planks can be used. In more challenging areas we can bring in lifts.

I have reviewed the proposal and would like to proceed – what do I do next?

Simply print out the first page and signature page, sign the signature line, and then either;

A. Take a picture of the first page and signature page and email it back to me.

B. Scan and Email Back

C. Fax to (860)886-5900

D. Mail to PO Box 300, Bozrah CT, 06334

For deposit you can either;

A. Preferred – Mail a check to the PO Box address listed above. Please make check payable to CertaPro Painters.

B. Call the sales associate you met with to pay with a card.


The CertaPro team did a great job prepping and straining/painting the exterior of our house. They replaced worn clapboard. They were very thorough, professional and communicative throughout the process. The house looks great!

- Robert A. | Mystic, CT

Robert A. | Mystic, CT

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