01 August 2022

CertaPro Can Help with Your trim Painting Project

Painting interior trim within your home may seem like a pretty easy project. You slap some glossy white on every piece of trim in the entire house and call it a day. Be warned— that usually will not give you the overall results you wanted. You also may realize that this trim painting project isRead the full article

30 June 2022

Let CertaPro Painters Transform Your Basement

The value of a basement to a homeowner can be subjective. Some people will just use it to store holiday decorations and boxes from 3 moves ago. But others are quick to start a basement painting project to make useful space out of their basement. They call CertaPro Painters of Mountainside, NJ to help themRead the full article

31 May 2022

Standards For Warehouse Painting in New Jersey

Warehouses are busy and hazardous environments with unique challenges to managing productivity, efficiency, and safety issues. It’s a good plan to use paint technology and strategic color combinations to make a warehouse safer, thereby enhancing protection for employees, equipment, and products. Safety improvements result from initiatives like painting warehouse ceilings, warehouse floor painting and warehouseRead the full article

01 May 2022

All About Industrial Paint Coatings

How are Industrial Projects different from residential? Industrial facilities & warehouses have heavy traffic, and lots of action usually around the clock. The wear and tear on these spaces are so much more than a home. Most factories have hundreds of employees working across 3 shifts. This can cause a lot more paint deterioration justRead the full article

01 April 2022

CertaPro Can Help You Repaint Your Kitchen Cabinets

It is finally Spring. The trees are budding and the weather is warming. After over two years of staying home, people are also starting to get out and do more too. You may find yourself with more visitors in your home that you haven’t seen in a while. If this season brings more guests, whyRead the full article

31 March 2022

Painting Tilt-Up Warehouses

Everyone knows all about CertaPro’s residential painting expertise. Take a short drive & you will see exterior examples of residential homes we helped transform all over your town or city. Or you may have seen our interior work inside the homes of your friends and neighbors. But did you know CertaPro has vast commercial, Tilt-UpRead the full article

31 January 2022

Choosing the right commercial school painters

If your school building is feeling a little dated on the inside, consider sprucing it up with a fresh coat of interior paint.  When you manage and maintain a school (or church, community assistance organization, or other municipal building) – keeping a clean, well-maintained building is key. You want to portray a professional image andRead the full article

Adding molding and carpentry work to your painting project

Many people know all about CertaPro’s amazing painting services. We are well known for our painting expertise. But did you know that Certapro also offers additional light carpentry services? These are skilled craftsmen with experience and they can handle making repairs at your home or commercial space. We offer these services in conjunction with deckRead the full article

02 January 2022

Painting for Restaurants and the Hospitality Industry

No matter if you own a catering company, a special event rental venue, or a four-star restaurant, Certapro knows how to create the perfect atmosphere your business needs to thrive in today’s economy. When thinking about what makes a restaurant successful, the menu and the quality of the food are what first pops to mind.Read the full article

03 October 2021

A Quick Primer on Ceiling Painting

Of all the surfaces in your house, you could paint you would think the ceiling in any room would be the most straightforward of them all. You just get some flat white paint and roll it on, mission accomplished, right? Well, actually the ceiling is its own special surface in interior painting and has aRead the full article