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Century Towers - Parking Garage Painting Project

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Century Towers – Parking Garage Painting Project

Century Towers in Fort Lee, NJ. is a highrise coop rising 30 stories in the air, built in 1980 and home to 238 separate units, it has a very large parking garage. If you think commercial paint at factories or warehouses takes a beating, you have to see what happens inside a parking garage.

Before painting could even begin a great deal of prep work was required to deal with water penetration issues and masonry damage. With the surface being concrete the correct kind of paint system was required. As a primer, Benjamin Moore Super Spec Masonry Primer, Ultra Spec EXT was used. That was the perfect base onto which commercial exterior paint was applied. A four-man crew with over 30+ years of combined commercial painting experience was used to make sure everything came out perfect.

The property managers from Douglas Elliman Property Management walked the garage with us after prep, and again after the painting was completed.

The real challenge was painting around an entire garage full of expensive cars that came and went and occasionally had to be moved in groups to balance the needs of the project with the unrestricted access to parking the residents required. When cars couldn’t be moved they were covered in plastic to protect them from any possible paint splatter.

The project, with its hundreds of columns and thousands of feet of concrete support walls, was finished within both the deadline and the $78,000 budget.

The property manager said it best: “From the bid process all the way through until the last column was painted, the crew was nothing short of accommodating and professional in the way they carried out their business”

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Hundreds of Concrete Columns to Paint!

Hundreds of Concrete Columns to Paint!

A parking garage has unique painting challenges like stenciling in parking space numbers and avoiding spilling a single drop of paint on a car!

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