5 Guidelines to Follow When Adding Color to Your Small Space

 Choosing the right color for your small space can greatly affect how stylish and spacious your space looks and feels. While there are no set rules to follow if you want your space to look less cramped and cluttered, here are a few guidelines to follow:

Create an Accent Wall

Not a designer favorite, but one of the smartest ways to add color to your small space is by using an accent wall of a different or darker color. Most people will opt to go with a bold color that complements the entire room. However, you can always get creative with your accent wall. Stripe it up, add a mixture of colors, whatever you prefer.

Get Creative in The Kitchen

Using color is a great way to add beauty to your small kitchen. Whether you decide to repaint the walls using a more vibrant color or simply hang up the colorful china you have hidden in a storage box, you can surely glam up your small kitchen with a little color. Accent walls are also a common trend for small kitchens.

Keep Things Classy in the Bathroom

Of course, something neutral in the shiny gold palette will look stunning in the bathroom – especially when you see your rosy reflection in the mirror. However, for a more dramatic look try painting the walls in a rich brown chocolate color.

Take Things Up a Notch

You might be amazed by how much a stunning faux finish can do for your small space when done correctly. Use it to replicate other surfaces in the room such as your suede carpet, marble floor or the striped wallpaper in the kitchen. Faux finishes allow for a lot of creativity and can add style to your home.

Add Black

Black can be chic and classy. It’s the perfect hue to transform your small space in an instant. Whether it’s a black wall, a black picture frame, a black coach, black curtains, black furniture accents or a black coffee table, it can add elegance and beauty to your space. So, it doesn’t matter what is the dominant color in your small space, try adding something black to take things up a notch. It will help to ground the room and clarify the brighter colors within the space.