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Interior & Exterior Paint Color Tips

Posted on March 24, 2022

The CertaPro® My Paint Colors App allows you to virtually paint your home and choose the colors you like! The beauty of this app is, everyone chooses colors in their own way. Here we’ve assembled all the information you need to navigate your own path.

Whether you already have firm color ideas, need inspiration from examples and palettes, want to work with a professional color consultant, or simply desire house painting color tips, CertaPro Painters® color resources make the color selection process simple and stress free.

Interior Paint Color Tips

1) Determine the mood you want to create with the room. Warmer tones are friendly and inviting. Cooler tones create calm and relaxing spaces. Stark white in a semi- or full-gloss creates a very formal look. Darker colors make rooms seem smaller, so be especially careful selecting these if the room does not have a lot of natural light or the ceilings are low.

2) Determine your plans for the trim. Keeping the trim all one color provides continuity as you move from room to room. Of course, changing the trim for each room can better match your indoor furniture.

3) If you want your furniture, carpets, and artwork to be the focal points of the room, stay away from bold paint color choices which will compete with the furnishings for attention.

4) Rather than decide your colors on a whim, choose a wall color based on your furnishings to tie the elements together.

5) Think about ‘flow’ and how the colors of neighboring rooms will work together. Very dark to very light transitions, or transitions from rooms with highly contrasting colors can either be jarring or invigorating.

Exterior Paint Color Tips

1) Look for interesting architectural details, or add some, that can sparkle with a contrasting or accent color.

2) Drive through various neighborhoods to see your favorite color in action. Make note of appealing exterior paint color schemes and adaptability to your own home.

3) Define the entry. Use exterior paint color as a “Welcome” sign to your home.

4) Windows are the eyes of a home — they can add or even define the character of a home. Decorating them lends crispness to the color scheme.

5) Consider the exterior colors that cannot change like roofing shingles, brick, slate or stone. Choose colors that incorporate or complement these tones.

Ready To Paint?

Even if you don’t know what colors you should choose for your home, we can help. We have color consultants who will come to your home with color swatches to help you decide on the perfect color. Most of our customers end up selecting a color they absolutely love not only after the paint project is complete, but for years afterwards.

Remodeling your home is a lot of work. Take the stress out of it with our help. Give us a call at 817-406-0090 for more information on how we can make your home look brand new again.