Benefits of Floor Coatings – Epoxy & Polyuera Floors

Floor coatings are an affordable and durable solution that offer a great solution for both residential and commercial applications. There are a number of benefits to floor coatings over installed flooring, here we will cover some of the benefits.

It’s Affordable

In comparison to some other types of flooring solutions. Epoxy and Polyuera offer an excellent price per square foot. The installation costs are much lower than some other types of floors as it takes less time to complete each project than other types of projects. There are reasons other than just price alone that make these floors a good solution.

Stain Resistance & Durability

Floor coatings are very resistant to staining and moisture problems. Even corrosive or otherwise hazardous liquids like oil, gasoline, automotive fluids, or bleach will not damage the floor making them ideal for workshops and commercial applications. These types of floor coatings are also fully water resistant, its rare for a liquid to do damage to an epoxy or Polyurea floor coating.

The coatings are also extremely durable. This is the main benefit and draw for most of our customers who have us install these types of floors. Epoxy floors can withstand incredible force without breaking or cracking. Heavy machinery, cards, trucks, and other workshop equipment can be used on the floor without worry about permanent damages.

The combination of the resistance and durability protect the original concrete floor underneath, often extending the life of the floor. Floor coatings are also very easy to clean, and in many commercial applications can save costs long run by reducing the cleaning and maintenance times.


Floor coatings come with a number of color and flake options. A floor can be a main focal point of a room rather than a drab and bare concrete surface. Many companies have us use branded colors, or complimentary colors on the floor. There are many options to choose from, and adding flakes both helps with slip resistance and the look / style of the floor.

If you are considering having an Epoxy or Polyurea floor installed, set up a free estimate appointment with one of our team members to get pricing and color option information. Also check out our floor coatings page for additional information about the types of floors we can install.


Floor coatings work on just about any concrete surface, there are many types of surfaces that work amazingly well with epoxy and polyurea floor coatings including:

Local Project Photos

See below for some photos of floor coating projects we completed in the Milwaukee, WI service area

Garage Floor Whitefish Bay (2) Industrial Epoxy Floor in Wauwatosa WI 53226 St. Peter Catholic Church in Slinger, WI 53089 (After 2)