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Painting, Limewash & Whitewashing For Brick Surfaces in the Madison, WI Service Area

Whitewashing is a painting technique that mutes the natural red color of brick by putting a translucent coat on top of the surface. Whitewashing is a technique that lets the bricks natural texture show through but can dramatically change the appearance and better match the bricks colors to other parts of the home.

Thorough prep is important for whitewashing projects. Cleaning the brick thoroughly is an important step prior to applying and paint. Our team will usually do this with a power washer and a wire brush. We then prep the whitewash solution which is a mixture of water and white latex paint. The whitewash is usually applied with a brush or roller.

If you are interested in having brick on your home whitewashed, we offer free estimate appointments. A CertaPro representative will meet with you to get some measurements and can give you an accurate quote for what it will cost to have the brick on your home whitewashed. The costs can vary depending on how accessible the surfaces are, the surface area of brick that needs painting, and the types of products used on the project.


limewash exterior brick home

Before & After Whitewashing

Below are before and after photos of a brick whitewashing project our team completed in Madison, WI.


before and after brick limewash

Brick Painting Services in the Greater Madison, WI area

Brick exterior homes are common in our service area of the greater Madison, WI area. Most customers hire us to help with painting of trim, soffits, shutters, and doors for brick exterior homes. However, in the last 10 years it has become more popular and common to fully pain the exterior of brick homes in the area.

There are several benefits to painting the face of brick on the exterior of your home:

  • Curb appeal: Painted brick will give the exterior of the home a drastic change in how the home looks from the curb. In many cases a freshly painted exterior will raise the sale price of the home and attract more potential buyers.
  • Added protection: Paint acts as an added barrier of protection from moisture, wind, and debris falling near the home. Paint helps seal hairline cracks and close up porous areas of brick.
  • Easier to clean: When brick surfaces get dirty over time, they can be difficult to get clean due to the porous nature of the brick. Painted brick is smooth and easy to clean with occasional power washing.
brick painting service