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CertaPro Painters® of Lethbridge Provides Professional Cabinet Painters Near You

CertaPro Painters® of Lethbridge takes pride in providing professional cabinet painting services that breathe new life into the heart of your home. Our team of skilled interior painting professionals excels at the art of cabinet refinishing, offering a cost-effective solution to transform your space without the need for entirely new cabinets. Whether your residence boasts a contemporary two-story design, a charming traditional Tudor aesthetic, or the timeless appeal of a brick-sided Victorian, CertaPro Painters of Lethbridge has the proficiency to cater to your specific painting needs. We recognize that each home is unique, and our painters are well-versed in adapting their skills to bring out the best in every architectural style. If you’re interested in our services, the first step is to request a free estimate either by filling out the form online or by calling us at 403-380-8337.

As part of our carpentry painting services, we can add paint finishes to the following:


Kitchen cabinets


Bathroom cabinets



entertainment center

Entertainment centers




Library bookcases

Crew was reliable and skilled. Very good job.

- David H. | Lethbridge, AB

David H. | Lethbridge, AB

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Cabinet Painting Projects Completed by CertaPro Painters of Lethbridge

CertaPro Painters’ Cabinet Painting and Refinishing Process

For cabinetry projects, we remove hardware and cabinet doors. Our painters then re-install the door hardware and re-hang the doors once we have completed painting the cabinets. When you have a need for carpentry repairs, as well as carpentry painting, call CertaPro Painters.

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Doors & Hardware Are Removed

Our cabinet painters expertly remove doors and hardware from all cabinets, offering you the chance to update the hardware to complement the fresh new look. This allows for a personalized touch, ensuring that your cabinets align seamlessly with the desired aesthetic of your project.

step 2

Surfaces are Sanded & Prepped

To prepare surfaces for a new paint or stain application, our process involves thorough sanding. Our skilled team utilizes a combination of hand sanding and power equipment, carefully addressing each part to achieve optimal surface preparation. This meticulous approach ensures a smooth and well-prepped foundation, laying the groundwork for a flawless and lasting finish with the new paint or stain.

step 3

Paint/Stain is Applied to Doors

The nature of the project can vary based on your preference for a stained or painted finish. For painted finishes, our process typically involves primer steps, enhancing the durability of the final result. Whether you opt for the richness of a stained finish or the versatility of paint, our approach is tailored to meet your specific choice, ensuring a lasting and resilient outcome.

step 4

Paint/Stain Applied to Mounted Cabinets

Continuing with the process, we methodically work around the cabinets while they remain on the wall. This step typically involves the use of hand rollers or brushes, ensuring a precise and thorough application of paint or stain. Our skilled team pays close attention to detail during this phase, guaranteeing a consistent and professional finish on every surface of your cabinets.

step 5

Reassemble Cabinets

Once the paint or stain has been allowed to dry and cure, the cabinets and hardware are meticulously reassembled. This careful reassembly process ensures a beautiful final product, presenting your cabinets with a brand-new look that reflects the desired aesthetic. Our attention to detail during this crucial phase results in a polished and professionally finished outcome, showcasing the transformation of your cabinets to their full potential.

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