Fixing Up your Walls After the Holidays

The holiday season may be a time when you find yourself hanging more décor that is not typically there. Once the holidays are over the themed décor comes down. So, what if it leaves marks or even holes in your walls? Or maybe the kids just got a little too rambunctious and caused destruction. We’ve all been there. Here are some techniques to efficiently patch any size hole that may be in your wall from expert drywall specialists.


Tools to repair drywall

First, you’ll need the proper tools in order to complete the project.

Spackle – Paste that will fill the hole. Try not to buy too much because it will dry out and harden over time if you try and save it.

Putty Knife – These can range in size from 1 inch to 12 inches. You will want to pick a size that is wider than the hole you need to fill. But not too much wider.

Sandpaper – If it is a larger hole it will need to be sanded done in order for there to be a smooth finish.


spackled holes

Now it’s time to fill the hole(s).

Nail holes aka the most common type of destruction caused by holiday décor. Luckily, they can be easily filled. Just place the spackle on the knife and drag it across until it is smooth.

Larger holes can be harder to fill and will require you sanding down the area after you are done filling them.

If the hole is very large invest in a wall repair patch. These only cost a few dollars and are sold at hardware stores. Apply it to the hole and then fill it just as you would the smaller holes. Again, finish by sanding the area down.


Paint drywall

Now that the holes are patched up you will need to paint over them. This shouldn’t take long and after you are done your walls will look as good as new!

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