Commercial Painting Tips for Offices

Keeping a business going includes maintaining the appearance. Customers and clients will make snap decisions on a less than maintained work space. Cleanliness of your walls shows your company takes pride in being attentive and organized. More often than not, companies put off painting for fears with ceasing production for painting. Here are commercial painting tips for offices.

Commercial painting projects are not required to be done during warm summer months or even business hours. Professional commercial painting companies understand the needs of businesses. They have crews dedicated to supporting commercial spaces through their painting process.

Air Quality

Painters can utilize low or no VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint to reduce or remove smells from the area. Evening and overnight painting can be done with no lingering odors into the next day. Your employees will not be disturbed with smells during their work days, minimizing your time out of work.

Off Hours Production

Tied into the low air impact, painters can give you availability to do their work at the end of the day, or overnight, minimizing impact on your work hours. By communicating with the representative on your painting crew, you’ll be able to work out a convenient schedule and plan for minimal intrusion around workstations. This allows your employees to keep their schedules and work flow moving.

Winter Schedules

Because winter is off season for painting, taking advantage of the seasonality of this work, your project can get done faster and possibly cheaper. Commercial painting companies use this season to take on projects that involve interior painting since the ambient temperatures outside make painting outside not possible. Some will even offer discounts or added services to keep their crews busy while the weather is uncooperative.

Commercial Painting Services

Another scheduling benefit is ease of appointments. More appointments are available since this season is not traditionally known for painting jobs. You’ll be able to move from estimate to production to finished project with little time in between. You could be looking at a finished project mere weeks from the original estimate.

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