How to Care for & Paint Stucco Exteriors

What exactly is Stucco?

Stucco is a common exterior surface made of water, cement, and sand. Much like concrete, it is usually applied wet and dries to become a hard but breathable surface. Stucco is most often used as exterior siding but can be an interior wall or ceiling texture as well.

An exterior stucco surface can be relatively maintenance-free if treated correctly. Certainly, painting the exterior stucco of your home greatly increases curb appeal. In addition, a fresh coat of paint can be used to protect the surface from the elements like UV rays and heavy rain. Stucco is a fairly low maintenance option, but it can fade and/or sustain damage over time.

Stucco is a hard but porous material used for exterior finishes. It’s often used in our area as an attractive and effective way to protect your home against outdoor elements. Stucco is a fairly low maintenance option, but it can fade or sustain damage over time.

Here are 5 reasons why painting stucco is a good idea.

It seals out moisture

When it rains, your stucco might absorb some water and even become darker until it dries. By adding a new coating of paint, the potentially damaging moisture will be sealed out. This waterproofs your exterior and prevents dampness from getting in. Paint adds a layer of protection between your family and outside. Keeping water out will prevent damage to the substrate and keep your home looking beautiful.

It will cover stains

Stains happen. Whether you’re dealing with rust stains from nail heads or well water staining from sprinklers, these stains are unappealing but seemingly unavoidable. Any staining from these reasons and more can be covered with a new coating of paint. With clever color choice, you could even camouflage future staining. Off orange exterior anyone?

It fills hairline cracks

Hairline cracks develop in stucco over time. If they are left to fester, it will turn into a very expensive repair. Chunks of stucco can crack and fall off, turning a small cosmetic problem into a large construction one. Painting your home when these cracks first show up means you seal out water and make your home look pristine again.

Larger cracks will need repairs. Our Certapro professional painters use exterior caulk or masonry patches to address these areas. Taking care of these problems when they arise will keep costs under control. Before a paint job is completed, make any & all necessary repairs. This will allow the painters to create a great finish that is perfectly matched to the rest of the house.

Better Curb Appeal

Whether you are preparing to sell your home, painting the exterior improves the curb appeal. The right color can set your home apart from all the other houses for sale in your neighborhood. It can also impress visitors and potential buyers. Realtors will often suggest a painting as the first step to staging your house for sale. Most of the time, you get more back at the closing table than is paid for painting.

Resists UV Rays

The sun is relentlessly beating on your paint daily. The rays can wear away at the durability of the paint. Since this is the first line of defense between your family and pests and weather, you want to have the best protection. After the paint begins to fade, you’re on a fast track to holes and cracks. Without intervention, this can ultimately lead to pricey structural damage. Painting the stucco regularly protects your home from all of these outcomes.

There you have it. All the reasons why you should call our Certapro painters for an estimate today.