11 October 2023

How Often to Paint Each Room of Your Florida Home

Paint is a quick and easy way to alter the atmosphere of a space drastically. The right colors in the right places can make a room feel bigger or smaller, modern or vintage. The possibilities are truly endless! However, if you’re not looking to change the feel of your space, it can be hard toRead the full article

21 August 2023

How Painting Can Transform Your Space

When one thinks of transformative changes to a room or a house, massive renovations, or new pieces of furniture might come to mind. At CertaPro Painters® of Lake Apopka, FL, we’ve witnessed countless transformations that were achieved with just a few cans of paint and skilled brush strokes. Here’s an exploration of how painting canRead the full article

25 January 2023

3 Colors for Your Front Door

Have you been racking your brain for the perfect way to upgrade the exterior of your home? One place that most people forget to refresh with a fresh coat of paint is their front door. The entrance of your home should not be left without routine painting maintenance. It is what greets your guests asRead the full article

10 November 2022

When is the Best Time to Interior Paint?

An interior paint job is not the kind of project that can be undertaken just any time of the year. There are optimal times and appropriate weather conditions to make your project take less time and turn out better. So when is the best time to paint a house interior? With winter heading to ourRead the full article

15 October 2022

Our Painters Tips for Interior Painting Your Florida Home

Most homeowners will say they have a common knowledge when it comes to painting. Sometimes that’s not enough. Having a few tips and tricks up your sleeve will help you save time and energy throughout the painting process. Utilizing the tips from our professional painting team will also give you a better finish. By theRead the full article

20 September 2022

More Than Painting: Carpentry Services in Lake Apopka

Carpentry services are most likely not at the front of your mind when you are looking to hire interior or exterior painters. However, light carpentry can go a long way if done correctly and by the right company. If you can hire one company to do both the carpentry projects and the painting projects, chancesRead the full article

12 July 2022

Cabinet Refurbishing vs. Replacing

Cabinets can make or break your kitchen. Replacing them is a big – and costly- decision. Cabinet refinishing them can add life, but are your cabinets up to the task? Should you refinish your kitchen cabinets, or replace them all together? In this article, our professionals will dive into both of these options and whenRead the full article

11 May 2022

Best Stucco Paint Colors

When you live in a place like Lake Apopka, stucco exterior is present on every neighborhood street––and for good reason! The cement-like mixture made of sand, lime, and water is just as beautiful as it was eons ago. It is also energy efficient, weather resistant, and extremely low maintenance! Of course, not all homes areRead the full article

27 April 2022

3 Tips for Improving Curb Appeal

Is it time to put your house on the market? To garner the best gains, put some small touches in place before snapping those listing pictures. Here are some professional painters tips to help improve curb appeal, including which exterior colors to choose and other small projects you can take on. Let’s get started! TendRead the full article

25 March 2022

How Often to Paint Your Home Exterior

Sometimes it’s obvious that your house needs painting. Other times, it’s not quite as clear. Exterior painting is not an easy or cheap job, so you’re probably not itching to take it on if it’s not necessary. Being that paint is the first line of defense against the elements, protecting your home is important. HereRead the full article