Best Paint Colors for Home Gym

Over this past year, more and more people have opted to work out from home. Some are even choosing to keep this option as the world opens back up again. If you’re one of these people, you’ll need a nice, fresh paint color for your home workout space. The question up for debate, though, is which colors for home gym?

We know all too well that not all home gyms are made equally––or made with the same intention. The color you choose for the walls and/or ceiling of your home gym can make or break your workout routine. That’s why our paint professionals will go over the best paint colors for each type of workout room. No giving up on New Year’s Resolutions this year!

For Cardio-Intensive Workouts

A lot of home gyms are focused on workouts that are cardio focused. If you workout by running on the treadmill, lifting weights, jumping rope, or doing other exercises that get your heart rate up, this pertains to you. The best color for this home gym would be bright, vibrant red. Red is invigorating, empowering, and can fill you with energy. All great things for intense workout sessions.

For Mindfulness and Focus

If you’re more focused on toning your body or practicing mindfulness techniques with yoga or pilates, red isn’t going to get the job done. Instead, look into painting your gym a light purple or brown. These colors can improve focus and put you in a serious state of mind. Our experts recommend shying away from yellow, though, since the color can actually drain your energy. A purple or brown is also great if your space functions as more than just a home gym.

For Cooling Down

Heat is something a lot of people struggle with when having a home gym. It can be difficult to block out the beating sun or make rooms stuffy with body heat. To mitigate this, look into painting your home gym a cool tone, such as blue. While any shade of blue will make a room feel colder, you want to be careful to not choose a tone that will make you sleepy. The last thing you want is to fall asleep on your yoga mat!

Get a Color Consult

If you’re looking to paint your home gym but aren’t sure what colors are the best for your space, reach out to the professionals! CertaPro Painters offers a free color consultation with any project. We have helped thousands of clients choose their colors and are extremely dedicated to customer satisfaction. We won’t leave until both parties are satisfied. Get in touch with our experts to get started on your project!