Paint Your Home’s Exterior

While you’re enjoying the yard, you might notice that your house isn’t looking as crisp as it did last year. This is the opportune time to address the imperfections you notice. Since your paint is the first line of defense against the elements, it’s important to keep it in tip top shape. The paint protects the substrate against pests, precipitation and temperature. Here are 5 reasons to paint your home’s exterior.

A Stressed Exterior

Your house doesn’t feel stress the same way you do, but it can be slowly overwhelmed and show it through wear and tear. With time, weather causes paint failure and allows water to get into your substrate. Once it’s made a home there, you’ll likely deal with rot, mildew and other more costly issues. They won’t get better with time; it’s best to take care of problems before they get worse.

Besides allowing water in, the sun can also cause paint to break down and fade reducing the protection it offers. UV Rays are hard on the binder in your paint and will cause them to deteriorate. As this happens your paint will release a chalky powder on the walls. If it rains, you’ll notice the chalky look is gone, but returns after some sunny days.

Temperature fluctuations cause structural changes with expanding and contracting. This can make cracks in the paint if it’s not flexible enough to keep up with the changes. Normally, this issue is uncovered when the preparation for a paint job is done. If you do notice it without a planned paint job, it’s time to get one scheduled. These problems can hurt the integrity of your home. Putting off the repairs can allow the problem to fester and cost much more.

Repair is Needed

Small failures can sneak up on you without much fanfare. These small cracks quickly grow into larger issues that require bigger repairs and the bills that go with them. If you choose to postpone the repairs, you are taking your house in your hands.

Curb Appeal

When putting your house on the market, realtors are experts at home sales. You might be presented the option to paint your house to give it the best opportunity to sell. Curb appeal can get you a hefty offer on your asking price. Before signing on the dotted line, weigh the cost of the exterior paint job against the offers you expect to receive.

A fresh paint job sets your home apart from the sea of others. Potential buyers will see the home as loved and cared for. Take the time to replace dingy paint, replace missing trim and give it a fresh look. While a new paint job might not be in order, you can still update the trim or give your house a new feel with a front door color. Neutral colors like gray, beige, blue and brown appeal to a wide selection of buyers and add some style to your house.

Increase the Value of your Home

Investing in your house is alway a good idea, beyond protecting it from the elements and keeping it beautiful. The property itself will feel a lift in the value. What you see in your increased value typically outweighs the cost of the paint job.

It’s Time

Even if your paint isn’t showing signs that it’s failing, it’s not meant to last forever. If you notice it’s faded or just can’t remember when it was last done, you should consider it time. If you proactively take on a paint job, the chances of underlying problems cropping up is less. Most manufacturers say even the best paints won’t last more than a decade. If you’re past the expiration date, consult a pro and get an estimate.

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