Michelle LeaOffice Manager

Phone: 317-252-0334

Michelle is a graduate from the The Art Institute of Indianapolis where she earned her degree in Interior Design. Her love of color and design ultimately led her to CertaPro Painters. She has been with CertaPro Painters since 2012 and was hired as a receptionist but quickly evolved from one role to another gaining experience and learning the business which led her to her current position as the Office Manager. Michelle enjoys the culture and team that exists within CertaPro and is excited to see the growth within herself personally but the amazing things that CertaPro can and will accomplish as a company.

What’s Your Role at CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

My current title is “Office Manager”, however, I have the roles of Controller, Human Resources, Event Planner, & “Mother Hen”

What do you like most about being the Office Manager at CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

My role has changed drastically from my first day in 2012 when I came in as the receptionist & color consultant. I love the ever changing challenges & growth culture we have built within our organization. If someone would have told me all those years ago this is what my role would look like now, I would have said, no way! The encouragement and dedication that CertaPro puts into its employees is what sets us apart! I don’t like to admit it, but I love every single one of the people I work with (don’t tell them that though!). They drive me crazy every single day BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Tell me about your background before coming to CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

After graduating high school from Union City Community High School (shout out UCCHS) I moved to Indianapolis to attend The Art Institute of Indianapolis. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design. I had dreamed about pursuing that career path but at the time of my graduation, there were very few firms hiring new graduates as the economy had not quite come back from the recession. Between graduating in December of 2010 & starting at CertaPro in February of 2012 I worked at a furniture store doing sales for 7 months. I enjoyed that role but being 21 & having to work EVERY Saturday & Sunday was not my cup of tea. I found an admin role at a local eye doctor to get me through until I found something within my ideal career path. I NEVER would have imagined doing that but so thankful to have been there as I met some of the best friends!

Tell us three things people don’t know about you?
I was an EXTREMELY shy child & would get into trouble at school for NOT talking or answering the teachers (I ended up winning an outstanding speaker award in high school – My mom was shocked about that)
I have RH- blood type. Only 15% of the population has RH- blood – this must explain my rarity 😉
This one is slightly embarrassing and does NOT reflect my personality but when I was in elementary school I thought it would be funny to pee in a cup and convince my older sister that my mom made lemonade. She fell for it and took a drink. I will never live that one down! :/

If you could have a super power what would it be?

I LOVE food & watch the Food Network a lot – my super power would be to have the ability to reach into the tv and taste all of the yummy food they make. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!? A second option might be to snap my fingers and my house automatically cleans itself. I am slightly OCD about cleaning & with two kiddos and a husband at home I am constantly cleaning. 😉

What’s your favorite way to give back to your community?

I enjoy that CertaPro has activities & events that allow us to participate in our community and give back. We have been in our current home for 3 years and are still trying to learn how we can impact our little community in a positive way. Now that my oldest is in school we are finding it much easier. I am looking forward to getting more involved!


What drew you to CertaPro Painters Indianapolis?

Funny story but true – When I was on my job search after graduating college I was on my way to a Colts game downtown Indianapolis. I drove past CertaPro when our office was off of 465. I saw a sign that had “CertaPro Painters – Design Center” on it. I instantly made a note and sent a resume the next day (not even “really” knowing anything about it). I ended up being called in for an interview for a residential sales position. It sounds silly but I had that feeling that THIS is the company and place I was meant to be. That feeling never left. They didn’t end up hiring for that position but I kept following up and months later the receptionist position opened up which I obviously took. Here we are all these years later & I still feel strongly that God led me to CertaPro & has been nothing but a blessing in my life.