Garage: The Last Frontier

garage with epoxy floorWe have all set around and watched HGTV and gotten great ideas on how to spruce up the kitchen, living room, our master bedrooms, and all other living areas in the home, but these great ideas always leave out one of the most versatile areas of our home, the garage. 2020 has brought a unique set of challenges to all of us when it comes to spending a lot more time at home. Suddenly our spaces seemed a little smaller. There is a space being underutilized for all of us and it is the garage.

The Benefits of Garage Floor Coatings

Why should we invest in sprucing up our garage with an epoxy floor coating you may ask? Well aside from bringing some much-needed aesthetics to this often-neglected space, you are adding durability to your concrete surface. An epoxy garage floor system when properly installed will help deliver a chemical resistant floor, added mechanical strength, and UV protection with the proper topcoat. A full broadcast (those flakes perhaps you’ve seen) floor adds tons of benefits to an otherwise boring surface. As if the improved appearance and added durability were not enough, the easy cleanup that an epoxy flake floor can bring is another huge bonus.

We have all cleaned our out garage and swept and maybe even mopped it only to find that our porous concrete garage floor holds on to dirt and dust that we just cannot get up no matter how hard we try. With a garage floor coating, cleanup becomes a snap. Water dripping off a car leaving road salts and dirt? An easy rinse and squeegee and the floor is as good as new, looking as bright and shiny as the day it was installed. Sweeping and mopping will no longer be futile exercises in trying to clean our garage floors once a floor coating is installed.


So whether you’re wanting to spruce up your workshop, create a home gym, or need a new office space a concrete garage floor coating will go a long way in transforming an underutilized space in our homes into a great new area where you will find yourself spending a lot more time. Here in Indianapolis epoxy garage floors are becoming more popular, to install one in your garage or for more info check out our Epoxy Garage Floors service page.