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Our exterior painting professionals at CertaPro Painters® of the Great Valley know just how to handle your stucco painting and repair needs. Say goodbye to cracks and brown streaks. We will work our magic and have your home looking like new in no time. Because we like to keep our customer service personal, our locally-owned and operated team will work with you to determine what stucco repairs your home needs. All this at a price you can afford.


Cracks appear due to the gradual shifting of your building and the seasonal weather patterns. Cracking can also be caused by the improper fitting of lath and an incorrect mixture of stucco. Our CertaPro Painters® of the Great Valley experts can evaluate the different kinds of cracks and identify their cause. We repair all cracks in the stucco surfaces, ensuring greater stability.


The main reason you want to use primer on your stucco is that it covers the sites of your repairs, leaving a smooth finish. The last thing you want is for the stucco to absorb moisture from the coating. We seal the cured stucco with elastomeric/waterproof primer to create a uniform surface for applying a coating.


Apart from the fact that painting your stucco makes it look better, paint also helps protect the stucco from rain, pollution, and mold. It also helps to preserve stucco and prevent cracking and crumbling. We want you to enjoy your stucco for years to come. We apply a coat of waterproof paint which will expand and contract to provide superior protection.

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Why wait until your stucco damage gets worse? Contact CertaPro Painters® of the Great Valley today. Because each stucco project is unique, we will send a CertaPro Painters® of the Great Valley expert to make an on-site evaluation and give you a fair and accurate quote for stucco repair cost or a stucco painting estimate. You can schedule an estimate online or by phone.

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Why Choose Professional Exterior Stucco Painters?

Our team at CertaPro Painters® of the Great Valley has access to the latest technology available for stucco painting and repair. The technology we use to fix your stucco will depend on the problem, but our team will be able to assess your needs and give you a range of options.

This means you have choices. What’s more, because our exterior stucco painters have years of experience, you can rest assured that your stucco repair and painting will be done right, giving you the peace of mind, you deserve.


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As you can see, CertaPro Painters® of the Great Valley stucco painted houses stand out from other homes.