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Common Questions When Hiring a Painter

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How much will it cost to paint my house?
The cost is determined by what we are painting. We take measurements of rooms, for example, and determine how much prep work is needed, and then what components are to be painted, walls, ceilings, baseboards, etc. We have a very savy software program that calculates the cost once we input the dimensions and components, and number of coats. Trim typically is the most expensive part of painting because it is more labor intensive.

Do you have a project minimum?
Yes, $1000

Is there anything that can change the cost of a project after a customer receives a quote?
Not often. The proposal has a section to list optional items for different scenarios if the customer is considering different options.

How much paint do you need to paint a home?
Our software program calculates the amount of paint needed based on the information that is collected.

When is the best time to paint?
We paint interiors year round. Exterior painting usually begins in April/May and we wrap up at the end of October/early November. Exteriors are dependent upon the weather and temperature.

How often should people paint their homes?
Usually every 5-7 years for interiors and exteriors. While the most popular reason for interior painting is to update the color of the room, another good reason is for general upkeep to ensure that your home always looks great. This is a good rule of thumb for exteriors to maintain the appearance and condition.

How long does it take to paint a home?
It depends on the size of the job and the scope of work and the number of people on the crew.

Are you insured?
Yes, Certificate of Liability Insurance to include Worker Compensation. Our certificate is given to all clients

What licenses do you have?
PA Home Improvement Contractors License

How many people do you send out for each job?
It depends on the size of the job- jobs around $1000 is usually 2 people, jobs $3500 or more are for larger crews of 3 or more people.

How will my project be managed?
On every job there have a job site supervisor that is in charge and on site from start to finish.

Is there a warranty?
Yes, it is included on the proposals-it’s a Multi Year Warranty.

Can the painters work alone in my house?
Yes, we do this all the time. We discuss this with the homeowner upon our initial meeting. If they are not going to be home, when we leave we ask what’s the best way to lock up when we leave, and we can give them a call.

How many paint colors are included in your typical proposal?
3 colors are included, if they choose more than 3 there is a charge for each additional color

What type of paint do you use?
Sherwin Williams and Ben Moore

Do you have eco-friendly paint options?
Yes, both companies offer a variety of options.

Do you use any materials aside from paint?
Yes. Depending what is being painted we use stains, elastomerics coatings, polyurethanes , industrial coatings

What colors do you suggest for the exterior?
Typically no more than 3 colors on the exterior

Do you have color consultations?
Yes, we have professionals that meet with our clients to help in the selection process. This helps relieve the stress of making the decisions and coordinate colors.

Are there certain color palettes you suggest for interior?
Depending on their style there are a variety of options

Is there anything the homeowner should do to prep for your crew to arrive?
Interior-please put away small and fragile items, please have areas to be paint free of dust and dirt, remove window treatments if painting walls and ceilings.
Exterior-We ask the homeowner to take time to check bushes and shrubs surrounding your house to see if they may inhibit the painters. We cannot do a quality job if shrubbery encroachments are extremely close or touching the substrates. These bushes will need to be pruned before the painters arrive and you surely don’t want us doing that.

What is your clean up process?
We will be performing a daily clean-up so that your property is presentable, and a full clean-up upon completion.

Exterior- Although our final clean-up is thorough, there are often many very small chips that give a “salt and pepper” look to your mulch until after a few rains come. During the power washing step of preparation it is highly likely that the windows will get streaked. We recommend having your windows professionally cleaned after the painting is completed.

What commercial properties do you work on?
Office buildings-interior and exterior, Country Clubs, Large warehouses, Commercial spaces, Doctors offices, Assisted Living Hallways, Restaurants, Realtor offices, Apartment buildings, Car Rental offices, College Dorms, Funeral Homes, Furniture Stores, Banks, Exterior of Town home Communities, Fitness Center, Interior of Physical Therapy Locations, Kitchen Cabinet Showrooms, and more.