Meet Laura, Homeowner, Wayne, PA

Watch the video above to learn more about Laura’s experience with CertaPro Painters of the Great Valley.

TRANSCRIPTION: “My name is Laura and I just started using CertaPro Painters. My home is very important to me, not only the inside but the outside. We haven’t had the house painted in 22 years and we felt like it was time to have it done again. We wanted someone local to paint the house, but someone who also had a full staff who could get our project done on a timely basis and do a very good job. Zach, my husband, said he was gonna have CertaPro come. I actually said, “No, no, it’s a national company. It’s gonna be too expensive. Don’t even bother.”

My initial response was so different than how it actually was. It wasn’t overpriced. So we called and Bob Birney, who was the franchise in our area, came out and I met him. And it was an awesome experience just meeting him. I knew that he was the right painter for this house. It was special because I connected with Bob right away and he told us about the CertaPro experience and how things are done and that there would be a team leader and that the team leader would handle everything and that our job would take three to four days. That’s exactly how it went. They were quiet and respectful of my home, efficient, timely. They arrived when they said they were going to arrive and the job was done exactly when they said it would be done. I had an appointment the day that CertaPro was supposed to do the front door that I couldn’t change and they said no problem we’ll do the door tomorrow. It was awesome. It was a great job. I would absolutely use CertaPro again.”