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Exterior Painting for Car Dealership in Media, PA

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Exterior Painting for Local Car Dealership

A car dealership in Media, PA contacted us to repaint the exterior of their building. Prior to the start of the project, their steel mandoors, frames, and large overhead garage doors were showing signs of rusting. We also noticed that CMU block walls were peeling and fading.

It was particularly challenging to remove the peeling paint, as we had to manually scrape it around considerable car traffic through the work areas. We employed the use of 45′ boom lift with articulating jib to help execute the project from start to finish.

We began the project by thoroughly power washing the block walls using remote power washing equipment and water transported from an offsite supply. Our crews then had to manually scrape numerous large areas of the block walls to remove the peeling and fading paint. We spot applied Loxon Conditioner to all of the bare block then applied two coats of Sherwin Williams A-100 Exterior Acrylic Latex paint. We primed the steeel doors and other steel components with Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Kem Bond® HS Primer, followed by Sherwin Williams Pro Industrial Alkyd Urethane Enamel – to match the original color scheme.

The project was completed in six days in October 2022.

The owner was very pleased with the results and timeliness of the project, and how respectful we were during their daily operations!