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Lead Renovation

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The Project Scope:

The experts at CertaPro Painters of Greater Media were tasked with renovating a house in Media, PA, that tested positive for the presence of lead-based paint in November of 2022. Due to the dangers of being exposed to lead, our team had to be extremely cautious in our approach for the safety of ourselves and anyone in the surrounding area. After removing loose paint via hand scraping, the use of lead encapsulation paint would be paramount in containing any remaining lead-based paint chips and dust, and proper cleanup afterward was critical.


How we got it done:

After being initially informed of positive lead tests from the property owner, CertaPro Painters of Greater Media retested the residence before starting the project with 3M Lead Check Swabs. Our team’s tests came back positive as well, reaffirming the property owner’s findings.


To adequately prepare for this undertaking, our team utilized heavy plastic sheeting to cover our work areas and catch any debris from the walls of the building, reaching heights of up to 10 feet. Access was restricted to any non-working individuals to mitigate unprotected exposure to the lead. Our painters were fully protected, wearing gear such as Tyvek Full Cover Suits, spray goggles, 3M 8511 Respirators, shoe covers, and nitrile gloves.


CertaPro Painters of Greater Media first scraped loose paint by hand with a 5-in-1 tool around the property. Once this was complete, lead encapsulation paint was used to trap the lingering contaminated paint chips and dust. When the painting process was finished, our painters were extremely careful in cleaning up, double bagging any waste and taping them shut. We also used a wet/dry vacuum with a HEPA filter on the entire site, being certain that any remaining paint chips were removed. All trash bags and the suits the painters wore were vacuumed prior to removal.


On November 28th, CertaPro Painters of Greater Media conducted a final inspection by using additional 3M Lead Check Swabs, ultimately resulting in negative tests. This verified that all contaminants were removed and that the area was sterilized. Through the diligence of our painters, we were able to effectively remove all traces of lead on the property, doing so in a manner that also kept the surrounding areas safe. Please check out the photos from this project below!