Fall is the Perfect Time for Interior Painting

Many homeowners feel like with cleaning, spring is the perfect season to spruce up their house with paint. It makes sense that with the tidying, new paint could be in order. Really, spring and summer get all the fun when it comes to painting, but fall is a great option too. Here’s why fall is the perfect time for interior painting according to our Grand Haven painters.


Bad weather can ruin the best of painting plans. Even with interior paint jobs, it can have a significant impact. Temperature and humidity always affect the outcome of paint jobs. Fall typically will give you a more moderate level of both.

When it comes to temperatures, you want the thermometer to register above freezing, but under hot. During spring, your ambient temperatures can be great, but the humidity can be a problem. On the other hand, fall has the same temperatures and tends to have far less humidity. This will make the paint go on smoother, and dry quicker ultimately giving you better results.


Painting during the fall might offer you the benefits of slow season. Because not many homeowners are vying for time, quite a few painters are offering discounts and specials. Take advantage of these lower rates and enjoy new paint for the fall.


This goes closely with the cost. Many painters have more availability since this is an off season to paint. You’ll not experience the lag of summer getting an estimate and into production. When these appointments are usually scheduled out several weeks over the summer, for fall, the times are much shorter.


While it might be a small portion of your decision, having crisp, clean walls as the backdrop for your holidays. Now might be a good time to give that outdated bathroom or dining room a bit of attention in the form of a new paint color. Even if you aren’t intending to host grand Thanksgivings or intimate Passovers, a new paint in your home is something you and your family can enjoy on a daily basis.

If you’re ready to get started, schedule a free, in-home estimate appointment today. Our Grand Haven painters are ready to help you today.