Winter Weather Damage Signs to Look Out For

Winter weather isn’t always the most pleasant. Aside from it making us want to stay inside and hibernate, it can also cause many issues when it comes to our homes. If you live in area where you experience extreme winter weather conditions, then you need to be checking to make sure it is not affecting your home. Some damage is obvious, but some is not. Here are some winter weather damage signs to look out for throughout the duration of the winter months.


When it comes to the exterior of your home, there are serval things you should keep an eye on throughout the winter months. Here are the winter weather damage signs to look out for:

  • Shingles – Check for any cracks, blisters, buckling or curling for these are all signs of damage. In the winter a lot of areas experiencing temperatures that fluctuate, snow, or ice. This all leads to problems with your shingles. Snow and ice will cause your shingles to become warped which ultimately allows for water to get into your home. Once the water gets into your heated home you are now dealing with mold and mildew.
  • Gutters – Are they still connected to your house? This is the most important question to address. Then go on to check that they are not clogged. If they are clean them out immediately.
  • Trees- Check your trees regular for excessive amounts of ice or snow building up on the branches.


Although the roof is obviously a part of the exterior of your home, it can be hard to assess the level of damage just from looking at it from the outside. If your roof is damaged, you will see issues inside your home. Here is what to look out for:

  • Dark stains on the ceiling
  • Dampness in the plaster on your wall or near the fireplace
  • Peeling paint on the ceiling and walls
  • Cracks in the plaster
  • Water stains on pipes and vents
  • If you have an attic, check for sagging roof or wood.

It is best to stay on top of these things, so you don’t have to end up paying thousands of dollars to repair the damage. It’s important to remember that paint is the primary defense weather so be sure to re-paint your home if it has been awhile! If you want to call in the experts for some help, give us a call today or schedule an estimate now. We would be happy to help you paint your home!