7 things you MUST know before hiring a painting service

Homes need paint. It’s not just for aesthetic appeal, paint is your first line of defense inside and out. Every few years or so, you’ll be looking at a new coat of paint. For the best longevity and results, go with a recommended pro. Here are 7 things you should know before hiring a painting service.

Pro or no?

Many homeowners think painting is an easy job. Roller, paint, wall. How hard could it be? Pros from a painting service will have tactics that will save time and money, while producing a professional looking product. Experts can apply the paint in such a way that it will withstand more dings and look beautiful for longer. You may even get the benefit of a warranty on your walls.


wallpaper removal

Time is money on your job. If your estimate seemed on the high side, more than likely the crew is planning to complete all preparations included in your work. This means they may have quoted hours to move furniture, clean walls, repair holes and more. If you are on a budget, offer to complete the tasks yourself to bring the costs back under budget. Even those of us who are not handy can easily empty the room, remove switch plates and wash walls, all of which cost precious hours with your crew.


Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to find a reputable painting service in your area. The first, and most trusted is generally word of mouth referrals from family and friends. They will be able to give you first hand accounts of their experience with a particular company. The second method is through search engines. A simple search will provide you plenty of websites to peruse for a provider. This is a good way to start your initial search by casting a wide net. Narrow the results through reviews, portfolios and offers for free estimates. The final way to find a provider is through review websites like Google Reviews, Angie’s List and other similar sites. This provides the benefit of a personal recommendation from someone you may not know in your community.


When working with a professional painting service, you should expect a few things. They include the following:

Estimation walk through
Discussion of final goals and colors/finishes
Insurance and License availability
Thorough, written estimate
Ability to address your questions
Final clean up included
Touch-up options

Types of Painting Services

There are different types of house painters and painting services. No one type is right, but having the ability to choose gives you options to find a type you are comfortable with.

Mom-and-Pop Shop

These businesses are hyper-local and involve usually a couple painters or one crew. Generally they can offer the lowest costs, but it may not be worth it. Make sure they can provide professional results and insurance coverage. The job could take a bit longer since less hands will be physically painting, but the hometown feel gives you a reputable option. They wouldn’t leave you in lurch when they could run into you in town.

Small Commercial Company

These companies are a bit bigger than a mom-and-pop but still not too big. They have the ability to take on residential and commercial jobs with experience in the area. They will be able to provide you testimonials, insurance and a portfolio of painted structures. Generally, this is a safe bet for a lower cost but professional company.

Specialty Painting

Some companies will offer specialty finishes or styles with their painting. If you are looking for faux Tuscan walls, a run of the mill painter may not be able to provide the results you’re looking for. Some specialties include medical providers and offices only. Murals, accents and more intricate painting may require one of these specialty painters.

Estimate Appointment

Aluminum siding painting

Before any work starts on your project, more than likely you will meet with an estimator. Having a walk through estimate of your project will give you the opportunity to include or exclude specific line items on your project. Costs can add up quickly when entire rooms are painted. Maybe your ceilings can be skipped, or trim isn’t necessary this go round. That makes a difference on your bottom line. Having this appointment also allows the estimator to see and potential issues with your walls that need repairs, or discuss your needs specifically.

Final Estimate

Do not begin any work without a final estimate written and signed off on. This allows both parties to be sure what is expected and delivered. It should break out labor, materials, time frame and any other necessities for the job. You, and your painting service, should be very clear on what is being painted and when. This will help the communication process going forward.

Are you ready to get started with a professional painting service? Schedule your free, in-home consultation today!