Signs You Need a Drywall Repair Professional

Many people decide to paint their interior walls even though their drywall is damaged. We’re telling you right now – don’t do it. You will only be disappointed with the painting results. Your mind will tell you that after painting, the wall should look smooth and flawless, but that’s not what you’ll see when the drywall is damaged. Instead, you’ll see all of the holes, dents, and even cracks. When this is a possibility, it’s better to hire a drywall repair professional.

When to Hire a Drywall Repair Professional

The following are signs it’s time to hire a drywall repair professional.

Dents in the Drywall

It happens frequently. Someone may hit the wall with their elbow, a chair, or another piece of furniture. The result is a dent. Dents doesn’t always mean you need to replace the  drywall – they can be repaired. The only way to know if the area needs to be replaced or repaired is to call us for drywall repair services.

Drywall Cracks

Drywall cracks over time, and there’s not much you can do about it except repair or replace it. The quality of the drywall panels matters when it comes to how long the panels will last without cracking, so when you get new ones, be sure they are high quality. We only use the best products to maintain the satisfaction of our customers long after they say goodbye.

Holes In Drywall

When this happens, something really hard went through the wall to puncture it. Most of the time the hole can be filled in and then sanded before painted. Sometimes, the drywall needs replacing because the hole is just too big. If that’s the case, the whole panel needs to be replaced.

It’s Too Big of a Job

Some people will try to repair drywall themselves, and of course, we don’t think that’s a good idea. Watch this video by Home Depot to see why:

As you can see, it’s not exactly the easiest job you’ll do, especially when you have large holes, dents and cracks. The other problem is that if you’re inexperienced, it may not look the way you would like it to when you’re done painting.

Believe us, we’ve seen this happen many times.

People have often called us saying they tried to repair drywall themselves and then paint it, but they can either see where they patched it or the wall color isn’t the same color as the existing one. That’s when they want our drywall repair services to take over and make it look good.

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