02 March 2020

CertaPro Painters® of Fort Wayne on WPTA21

We were interviewed WPTA21 at The Home Show. Check it out:

26 February 2020

How to Select the Right Paint and Color to Sell your Home

When selecting the paint color for your home first consider your situation. Are you looking to sell your home in the near future or is this home permanent for you? It is important to ask yourself these questions because painting projects can be time consuming and expensive. If you are planning on paint your home,Read the full article

04 January 2020

How to Make a Room with No Windows Appear Brighter

Do you have a room in your home or apartment that you want to turn into a functional room but are afraid to because of the lack of windows? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to make up for the lack of natural lighting in a room. Keep reading for some ideas to makeRead the full article

29 October 2019

When to Re-Paint Your Home

Upkeep and maintenance on a home can seem overwhelming. It’s important to stay on top of it to retain the value of your home as well as the condition. Quality exterior paint will not only make your home look better, but it will also protect it against the elements. Here’s how to know it’s timeRead the full article

30 September 2019

How to Pressure Wash Your House Before Painting

Painting a hоuѕе is a tough рrоjесt, but thе fіnіѕhеd jоb саn be quіtе rеwаrdіng. After уоu’vе рut any rеmаіnіng раіnt away аnd sat dоwn wіth a glаѕѕ оf tеа tо enjoy wаtсhіng іt drу to a bеаutіful nеw fіnіѕh, you thіnk to yourself how wоndеrful it іѕ that уоu won’t hаvе to раіnt againRead the full article

29 July 2019

Kitchen Cabinet Painting: How to Save Big on a Kitchen Remodel

weYou should love your kitchen. When you walk into it, you should take a deep breath and think, “Aaahhhh… let’s eat.” If you don’t feel this way, it may be time for a change. A complete kitchen remodel can cost thousands of dollars, and well, not many people want to pay that kind of money.Read the full article

02 June 2019

Signs You Need a Drywall Repair Professional

Many people decide to paint their interior walls even though their drywall is damaged. We’re telling you right now – don’t do it. You will only be disappointed with the painting results. Your mind will tell you that after painting, the wall should look smooth and flawless, but that’s not what you’ll see when theRead the full article

02 May 2019

Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Ethics

We are very proud to announce we have received the 2019 Better Business Bureau’s Torch Awards for Ethics. This special award is given to local businesses that have exemplified extraordinary service by providing trustworthy, ethical customer experiences. This acknowledgement means the world to us because every single day, we work hard to ensure our customersRead the full article

04 January 2018

Gigi’s Playhouse

CertaPro Painters of Fort Wayne, IN helped to brighten the day for the teens and young adults who go to Gigi’s Playhouse of Fort Wayne by painting the interior of the building. The teens and young adults who have down syndrome worked along side the painters to paint the interior walls of Gigi’s Playhouse.

15 November 2016

Science Central

Check out CertaPro of Fort Wayne, IN working at Science Central in Fort Wayne Click here to visit the Science Central Web Page CertaPro Painters of Fort Wayne, IN made the news!