Kitchen Cabinet Painting: How to Save Big on a Kitchen Remodel

weYou should love your kitchen. When you walk into it, you should take a deep breath and think, “Aaahhhh… let’s eat.” If you don’t feel this way, it may be time for a change. A complete kitchen remodel can cost thousands of dollars, and well, not many people want to pay that kind of money. That’s okay, though. Kitchen cabinet painting can completely change the look of your kitchen for much less money.

kitchen cabinet paintingAbout Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Kitchen cabinet painting is something that many of our customers ask us for when they inquire about our interior painting services. Many of them may be seeking a professional painter for their living room or dining room walls, and then ask us about other painting projects. We are always happy to tell them that we do paint kitchen cabinets.

How We Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Our team of paint contractors have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to paint your kitchen cabinets well. The cabinets will look brand new.

We first remove all the hardware and keep them in a safe place. Some of our customers choose to change the hardware along with the paint color of the cabinets, and that’s fine with us. We don’t have a problem putting the new hardware on the cabinets.

After removing hardware, we sand each cabinet to ensure the surface is smooth and will receive the paint correctly. This matters when it comes to the results.

We will prime the cabinets if they are painted a color that is darker than the color we will be using. This will ensure the exact color from the swatch will show.

With that being said, we can help you if you are unsure what color you would like for your kitchen cabinets. Our color consultation services is part of our kitchen cabinet painting as well as our exterior and interior painting services. 

Our kitchen cabinet painters will skillfully paint the cabinets one by one. When they are done, they will look over them closely to ensure the paint looks perfect. Any touch ups will be made at that time.

The final part of our kitchen cabinet painting is the walk through with the customer. This when we can make touch ups requested by the customer. This is how we ensure 100% satisfaction.

Cabinet Resurfacing with Stain

We know that some people prefer stained cabinets. We do that too! We’ll re-stain your kitchen cabinets just like we paint them. The process is just the same, but we use stain rather than paint.

How Much Kitchen Cabinet Painting Costs

The only way to know how much your kitchen cabinet painting or re-staining will cost is to schedule an in-home estimate. It is completely free, and there’s no obligation for you to use our services. Give us a call now at 260-494-1412 to schedule a time for the estimate or click here for our availability to schedule online.

CertaPro Painters® of Fort Wayne looks forward to helping you with your kitchen remodel.