How to Make a Room with No Windows Appear Brighter

Do you have a room in your home or apartment that you want to turn into a functional room but are afraid to because of the lack of windows? Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to make up for the lack of natural lighting in a room. Keep reading for some ideas to make the room appear brighter.

Use Lights Strategically.

Artificial light will obviously make the room the room brighter, but you want to do it the right way. Spread the light throughout the entire room by putting lamps in all the corners rather than having one large light fixture in the middle. You can also hang string lights along the room’s edges. This draws the eyes upward and makes the room appear wider than it actually is.

Add a large mirror.

Optical illusions are real. By adding a large mirror, the room can actually look double its size.

Add a faux window.

You can place old window panes to create the illusion of an actual window. It created a homey, comforting touch.

Refrain by buying the accent rug.

Accent rugs are stylish and do add a nice touch to any room. However, the goal is to open up the room so it’s best to stick with either the hardwood or carpet that is already there. The continuous flooring will give the space a light open appearance.

Pick light paint colors and an overall light theme.

A bright light paint color will open up the room. Consider a blush shade with tan and white décor.

Pick the correct furniture for space.

Raise the legs on your furniture in order to allow light to shine underneath them. This will create the illusion that the floor space is larger. Floating shelving is another great way to open up the room. It looks much lighter than adding in chunky large pieces.

Decorate well.

Add vibrant colors into the room to bring in some life. Also consider adding in fake plants and plenty of art. Make the space as personal as possible so you feel at home in it.