Give Your Home a Fresh Look this New Year

New Year, Fresh Coat of Paint? The new year is a chance to reset and get things done that you may have pushed aside or just didn’t have time for the previous year. If one of your things was painting your home, 2022 can be the year you get the job completed! Not only will your home look good, you and your family will benefit from the change as well. Living in a home that looks it’s best makes you feel your best. You may even feel more productive, motivated and ready to tackle the new year. If you are looking for some paint color inspo, look no further. We put together some of the best interior paint colors for 2022.

Gray-Green – Sherwin-Williams has named this the Color of the Year and we can see why. It is subtle yet adds a nice pop of color to the space. It also brings a sense of nature into the home.

Warm Neutrals – As always, neutrals remain a popular interior paint color choice. However, unlike the past decade we are not going to see many cool neutrals in homes. Homeowners are shifting back to warm and cozy shades of white, gray and tan.

Earthy Tones – These tones are going to become increasingly popular over the next year. Green shades are already rising in popularity but we may see more of an emerald green shade. We will also be seeing browns, tans, terracotta and deep blues.

Black – This is a trend we have seen rise in popularity over the past year and we believe it is here to stay. Black is being used as an accent color on window and door trims. It is also commonly used on kitchen cabinets. We love the bold contrast that it creates.

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