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Deck and Outdoor Wood Staining

Posted on January 2, 2023

If you have an outdoor entertainment space like a deck, patio, or pergola, it is important to keep these wood surfaces updated. Here at CertaPro Painters of Etobicoke, we specialize in many services to help your deck last for years to come. From applying a new stain to power washing your space, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading below to learn more about these specialty services.

Wood Surface Repair & Staining in Etobicoke

When you work with our team to have your deck, pergola, fence, or other outdoor surface refinished, there are a few steps that may go into your unique project. This will all depend on the condition of your deck. Minor wood repairs may need to be made and if your deck has previously been stained, the old stain will need to be sanded off. After this has occurred, the staining process can begin.

Selecting the Best Stain for Your Deck

There are a few different types of stain that can be applied to your deck, fence, or pergola. Below you can learn more about each of these stain options.

Transparent: A transparent stain will allow you to see the most amount of wood grain on the surface of your deck.

Semi-Solid: Semi-solid is slightly darker but still allows you to see a decent amount of natural wood grain.

Solid Colour: A solid colour will add a rich tone to your deck and make the grain in your wood surface less noticeable.

Professional Power Washing Services for Wood Surfaces

In addition to staining decks and other wood surfaces, our painting contractors can also provide a power washing service. Power washing is a great way to achieve a spotlessly clean finish for outdoor surfaces. This service can blast away dirt, mildew, and other bacteria. If you have multiple outdoor areas that are in need of cleaning or repair, feel free to bundle together a few of our professional deck services to achieve a seamless look at your home.

To get started on your next project, fill out our online form to request a free estimate on your next project in Etobicoke today. You can also give us a call with any questions at 647-689-5845. We look forward to working with you!