Boost Your Mood with Paint

It’s no surprise that our moods are affected by the things we surround ourselves with. The colors you choose to put on your walls can inhibit or enhance your mood. Work with your sensory system and boost your mood with paint. Here are some colors to consider.

When you aim to boost your mood in a room, keep in mind its intended use. For example, painting a bedroom warm color might be tempting. Be cautious because warm colors can be stimulating and make it hard to rest. The same goes for painting an office a cool shade, it could cause a relaxing effect, lulling you into a trance.

Here are some colors to boost your mood with paint from the experts at CertaPro Painters of Etobicoke!

boost your mood your mood with paint by certapro painters of etobicoke


Cream is not just great in coffee, it’s great on walls too. The color is warm while brightening up a space. The subtle shade is slightly energizing and clean. This makes it the perfect color for a kitchen or office area. You’ll be inspired to create culinary masterpieces or work on your next big work-related project.

Gray Cloud

Use this updated gray to create a calm and zen-like atmosphere. This color is a blue-gray that will give you respite from the busy world outside. This is the perfect color to use for a spa retreat bathroom or luxury stay bedroom.


Nature has a calming effect, so it’s only natural to pull from those colors for your interior. Since it’s a reliable way to change your mood, bring the shades inside with a blue-green color. This combination will tone down moods and create a room that is ready for relaxing. In addition, this will make a smaller room feel larger.

Deep Blue

Braver individuals might want to commit to blue with a deep, dark hue. This color is perfect for a restful night’s sleep. Use it for your bedroom to tone down your mood and allow you to wake up rejuvenated. To avoid an overly dark room, use some textiles featuring the color paired with lighter and warmer colors.

Bright Orange

There is a reason gyms and juice bars in Etobicoke are painting bright orange. Not as an homage to the citrusy fruit, but because the color boosts not only mood, but energy as well. This color stimulates conversation and interaction. For an office, the color can feel invigorating or make a home gym energizing. Avoid using it in abundance, since it can cause frenzy if overused. Pair it with cream for a winning combination in your home that will have you excited to tackle the day.

Living Coral

This color takes the energy of orange and adds playfulness to it with pink. The color is perfect for a playroom at home for the kids. The combination of the two tones encourages lighthearted activity and joyfulness.

Bright Yellow

Sunshine and natural light are known to brighten even the darkest moods. Use the color to bring the same feeling inside. Use bright yellow in kitchens or offices to add a flood of light and allow your mood to rise. Keep in mind, this color can be overused. It works well when toned down with some beige or gray. This avoids overwhelming those in the room with too much color.

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