7 Key Questions to Ask When Choosing Painters in Toronto

Your painting project is an investment in what is probably your most valuable asset – your home. Like any investment, particularly one you’ll be “living through”, you’ll want to do your homework to ensure you get maximum value for your money. Ask yourself and the painters in Toronto you’re considering the following questions before proceeding with your next project.

Painting Project in Toronto 

    1. Are they insured? To begin with, ask for proof of current Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance, so you’re protected should anything happen to go wrong – whether it be paint spilled on the carpet, or someone tripping over a ladder on the front lawn. Any reputable company should have coverage for at least $2,000,000. Don’t work with anyone who is uninsured, it’s just not worth the risk.
    2. How do they develop your proposal? Your painting company should listen carefully to your goals and needs and provide you with any important product or process information as they develop your proposal, so you arrive at the optimal solution for you. The best painters will be fully transparent and will not try to unnecessarily “up sell” you – they recognize the value of your long-term business.
    3. What does that proposal look like? Once the project scope is defined to your satisfaction, do they provide a fully detailed, written proposal which includes all set-up and surface preparation elements, as well as paint brands and types to be used? If it’s not in writing, beware. You don’t want to be in the middle of a project debating your painter about what’s in and out of scope, or how many coats of paint they’re supposed to apply to the trim.
    4. Who is doing the work? You want experienced, professional painters on your project – but what does this mean? The best painters in Toronto take great care of your home, and are highly skilled and efficient, which ensures top quality at a reasonable price. Critically, they cut no corners with surface preparation, which depending upon the nature of the project can include degreasing surfaces, caulking seams or joints, filling nail holes, performing localized drywall repair, scuff sanding to smooth minor imperfections, priming, and other steps. Of course, they also use proven coatings from top manufacturers such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Dulux, and others. Proper preparation and the use of quality products is key to a beautiful and lasting paint job – a cheap one usually ends up looking like just that, and will most likely not stand the test of time. It’s a great idea to ask to see photos of past work, and/or recent references from other satisfied customers.commercial painters in the kingsway
    5. What is their approach to service? The end result is what you’re looking forward to, but getting there can be unnecessarily stressful if your chosen company does not have a defined customer service approach. An emphasis on clear communication before and especially during the project will provide you an understanding of what the project will entail, and how it’s progressing. Think also about your needs in terms of household routines. Does the company commit to starting and stopping precisely when you want them to each day? Will they make accommodations for your pets, or any particulars regarding your property while they work? Will they be flexible and responsive if you want to make a slight change in scope mid-project? Their approach to service can make a tremendous difference to your satisfaction with the process, particularly when the project runs for several days or more.
    6. Do they have a recognized and reputable brand? Whether local or national, a brand can provide added assurance of quality work and customer service, as the more prominent companies have a reputation to uphold. Check also for detail and consistency in terms of their online reviews – any themes that emerge should align with the brand promise.
    7. Do they offer a written warranty? Many painters in Toronto do not. If they do, ask for the details before you proceed. This can provide peace of mind that your newly painted home will stand the test of time.

If you choose your painter wisely, you can expect your investment to produce not just a visual transformation of your home, but lasting looks and an effortless service experience as well.

For more information on quality painting in the Toronto area, please review our Interior Painting Pricing Guide and Residential and Commercial Case Studies, and call or book online with the best painters in Toronto for a free, detailed estimate. We would be very pleased to get into the finer details of your project, to help define the best value scope for your budget, and bring your home improvement project to life!