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Deck Staining in El Paso 

The backyard of your home is a great place to gather with loved ones and you want to make it look as nice as possible. Our deck staining services will help make your backyard the perfect atmosphere for those sunny days and warm evenings. If you are looking to make any other exterior updates, check out the other services we offer.


deck staining

On average, the deck staining process only takes 2-4 hours not including the time you will need to allow it to dry.


One of our common deck staining techniques is using two colors. One dark one for the main deck and a lighter one for accents.

They're professionals and did a good job. They made sure I was satisfied with the work.

- Gabby B. | El Paso, TX

Gabby B. | El Paso, TX

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When to Re-Stain your Deck? 

Deck stain only lasts a couple of year. To prolong it you can apply a second coat every two years. After four years all the stain should be removed and a fresh stain should be applied. This will help keep the wood strong.

deck before stain

The Elements Affect your Deck

Direct sunlight can cause the stain on your deck to dry out quickly. While rain can also cause damage which is why it's important to have your deck treated.

If you live in El Paso or the surrounding areas and are interested in our deck staining services, give us a call today!

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