How Long Does Exterior Paint Last

Dealing with exterior paint jobs is rarely something a homeowner looks forward to. Beyond the mess, there is generally a hefty cost associated with the job. Many people in San Diego want to know how longan exterior paint lasts. It’s a complicated question, but let’s break it down according to the experts at CertaPro Painters of East San Diego.

There are many factors that are involved in making your exterior paint last. Standing up to the California sun, precipitation and other external factors can take a toll on your paint. There are geographical elements that can significantly shorten the lifespan of your paint. Salty air, harsh sunlight, and freezing temperatures all play a role.

With good preparation, quality paint, and proper maintenance, you can expect to paint your home about every 7-8 years. In some cases, it can be in good condition for up to a decade.

When you take on exterior painting, you will want to make sure that the painter is experienced, not just with painting, but also with your substrate and geographical location. Inquire what sort of preparation will be done and how many coats they expect to apply. All of these factors will help lengthen your paint’s life.

To get a true idea of how long your paint will last, let’s look at several factors. Some situations can shorten the length of time, others can lengthen it.

Painters preparing the exterior of a house in East San Diego before repainting it.

Exterior Surface

Exterior surfaces make a huge difference in how long your exterior paint will last. For example, a vinyl siding or sealed brick is much more durable than a wooden exterior covering. Make sure your covering works for your geographical location. Salty air and harsh rays of the coast and desert will wreak havoc on substrates that work great around the great lakes or in the midwest.

Exterior Paint

Choosing a high-quality manufacturer for your exterior paint may cost you a bit more money in the front, but the warranty and quality of the product mean it could last longer. Paints created for exterior use are mixed with a different ratio allowing them to better stand up to exterior elements. This means more pigment and better films for snow, wind, or rain.


Color choice can make or break an exterior paint job. When picking a color, you should take into consideration your geographical location and your substrate. Dark and vibrant colors will lose pigments more quickly than lighter or more neutral colors. If you live in a mostly sunny location that’s closer to the equator, you should consider using lighter pastels and neutrals as your exterior color choice.

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