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Tired of your cabinets? Looking for a change on a budget?

If your cabinets are not damaged in any way, a cost-effective way to transform your kitchen is to give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint. We paint all types of cabinets from laminate to melamine and wood. We apply the paint with an airless sprayer for a smooth factory finish look.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint My Cabinets in Edmonton?

A: Your standard kitchen cabinet painting will cost between $3,000-$4,000.

This includes all labor, paint, and supplies. We use a bonding primer for proper adhesion and then apply a cabinet paint. We use the Emerald Urethane from Sherwin Williams for its alkyd finish, which dries harder than regular paint, and the urethane makes it more durable for cleaning.

The CertaPro Painters of Edmonton Process

How We Work.

The Professionals at CertaPro Painters of Des Plaines will remove all the doors off the hinges, remove all drawers and all the hardware. All the areas around the kitchen will be masked off. We will do a chemical wipe, minor patching and caulking (if required) and sand to prepare the surface. We then finally spray a bonding primer before spraying the paint coat.

We will setup a spray booth on-site or off-site to spray all the doors and drawers. A ventilation system will be setup to air out all the paint spray and the smell if spray booth setup inside the property.

Finally, the doors and drawers will be left to cure for a few days before they are reinstalled.


A typical kitchen takes around 1 week to complete. Since the area will be masked off, the customer will not have access to the kitchen for the whole duration of the painting.


Once the cabinet doors and drawers are all reinstalled, we request the customer to use the cabinets with care for first few weeks as the paint will still be curing and hardening. We recommend that the newly painted surfaces are not washed or wiped for at least the first month. After that, the surface can be wiped and scrubbed. Once the product has cured, the end result is a washable, durable and professional finish.


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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

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Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing