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At CertaPro Painters® of Des Moines, we take on many unique commercial projects throughout the year, but rarely do we get one that sees us travelling across 7 different states! Such was the case for a project that was performed across 42 Midas locations between the months of April and December 2020.

The Job

We collaborated with one of our larger accounts to complete painting projects at 42 different Midas locations throughout the Midwest. Each project was different, with some entailing full exterior repaints, some repaints of the exterior overhead doors, one full interior interior repaint, several interior lobby repaints and varying amounts of drywall and EFIS repair. All told, our 3 separate crews travelled to:

  • 14 locations in Colorado
  • 8 locations in Iowa
  • 7 locations in Kansas
  • 5 locations in Missouri
  • 4 locations in Oklahoma
  • 3 locations in Indiana
  • 2 locations in Michigan


It goes without saying that travelling across so many different states was a unique and challenging undertaking for our teams, between the lengthy drives and differences in elevation and local climate that dictated a need for different equipment and coatings at times. In addition to having to contend with the distance, October saw snowstorms rolling across the Midwest that set progress back a couple of weeks while the teams waited for optimal conditions to ensure the best possible work as we headed towards completion of the project. Thankfully, November saw above-average temperatures in many of these areas, giving our teams ample space to make up for lost time.

The End Result

After 9 months and many miles covered – our crews had given these 42 Midas locations a variety of refreshing changes, from exterior coats and lobby repaints to create a welcoming appearance for customers and stand up to the elements, to full interior repaints that would hold strong against the rigors of the work performed within.